Oracle Grow

Oracle Grow, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, makes growth easy by unifying learning, skill development, and career mobility to amplify individual and business success.

Oracle Grow for business leaders

For the first time, business-led, HR-architected upskilling in one HCM solution is here.

Oracle Grow features

Hyperpersonalized learning experiences

Deliver AI-recommended growth opportunities that adapt to changes in an individual’s interests, their role, and the business.

One home for all learning

Give employees a single place to identify development opportunities—both internal and external.

Self-curated development journeys

Let individuals create their own goal-based learning playlist with coaching, classes, gigs, and more.

Growth preferences

Let workers choose how they want to grow by providing the tools for them to identify specific skills to acquire, learning topics to follow, and more.

Continuous learning and development

Encourage managers to foster a continuous learning culture with ongoing development touchpoints.

Personalized career options

Help individuals accelerate growth with a visual of their career and development progress and reminders to stay on track.

Personal AI career coach

Let AI technology help workers visualize career growth possibilities by discovering different career roles and paths.

AI-recommended career journeys

Deliver recommended development journeys to help individuals gain the expertise and qualifications to achieve their career aspirations.

Skills-driven career mobility

Drive internal mobility by providing business-authored role guides in a personalized opportunity marketplace.

Unified upskilling platform

Act as a strategic advisor to your business leaders and provide governance with respect to skills taxonomies and program initiatives.

Business-authored role guides

Help leaders quickly create detailed role guides for critical positions with AI-suggested skills, tasks, and resources.

Generative AI–assisted authoring

Make it easy for leadership teams to describe the goal and purpose of critical roles with the help of generative AI.

Upskilling alignment dashboard

Give business leaders a real-time view into the current and developing skills of individual workers, key talent, and the team.

Skills development ROI

Understand the impact of upskilling by tying skills development to critical business outcomes.

  • See how employees use Oracle Grow

    Get an overview of Oracle Grow and learn how it unifies learning, skills development, and career development in one hyperpersonalized experience.

  • Read Deloitte’s perspective on investing in employee growth

    In this brief, Deloitte shares why your people are your path to adaptability and resilience.

Oracle Grow benefits

  • Maximize talent potential with an AI-powered growth experience

    Improve the employee experience with the personalized insights and growth opportunities workers need today and tomorrow.

  • Help business leaders align upskilling with their strategy

    Adapt to the rapid pace of change with a powerful upskilling solution within a single HCM platform.

  • Strengthen people initiatives across the organization

    Connect all talent, skills, and role information across a comprehensive HCM suite to drive organizational agility.

Oracle Grow named Top HR Product of the Year

From more than 120 submissions this year, Oracle Grow was selected as a winner.

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