Integrate and Streamline Your Customer Interaction Processes

Oracle Email Center is a comprehensive e-mail response management system that helps manage high volumes of incoming messages. It minimizes response times by classifying incoming e-mails and routing them to qualified agents, and by automatically suggesting one or more responses. Email Center enables agents and managers to provide better service while increasing productivity.

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Key Features

  • Route Emails to the Right Agents
    Automatically identify email intent based on linguistic properties, then route to agents best able to respond.
  • Provide Automated Responses
    Categorize email and fetch response documents matching identified keywords from the knowledge base repository.
  • Leverage Knowledge Base
    Leverage Marketing Encyclopedia System (MES) and Solution Management System to automate delivery of response documents and solution sets.
  • Leverage Customer Information
    Integrate with other Oracle CRM applications to access customer information, knowledge bases, and interaction history. Capture email activity to extend interaction history.