Elsevier boosts customer satisfaction with Oracle Service Cloud

Elsevier increases Customer Support Hub use by 196%, drives self-service, and improves customer satisfaction

A global provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, Elsevier is focused on becoming a customer-focused, knowledge-based organization. The organization sought to improve the customer experience for more than 30 million scientists, health, and information specialists worldwide, making it easier for customers to do business with Elsevier via customer-focused support hubs.

With the help of Oracle Service Cloud, Elsevier doubled the number of customers finding answers via its support hubs to 52%, while the number of queries reaching the contact center decreased by 28%. Overall customer satisfaction increased to 91%.


With Oracle Service Cloud, we are helping our customers to quickly and easily find the information they need, using their channel of choice. We have doubled the number of customers finding answers via our web channels to 52%, and increased overall customer satisfaction to 91%.

— Matt CumberlidgeHead of Customer Services Systems, Elsevier

Difficultés de l'entreprise

  • Increase number of customers using self-service support hubs and customer portals for online science and health journals and web-based resources to find answers to queries quickly and efficiently
  • Improve knowledge management within the customer facing organization, ensuring that only relevant information and FAQs are included in customer portals, so that 30 million health, science, and information professionals can easily find the information they need
  • Improve reporting capability around customer interactions to gain a clear understanding of the customer experience and to help constantly improve customer service and satisfaction and close the loop to continuous improvement
  • Improve routing to the right customer service agent to increase the number of customers whose queries are answered on first contact

Oracle Service Cloud is perfect for improving all customer interactions and as it is a single solution, we can easily track the whole customer journey. By driving customers to our support hubs and improving our knowledgebase and FAQs, the number of customers using our support hubs has grown by 196%.

— Michel van ZantbeekDirector of Global Knowledge Management, Elsevier


Elsevier worked with The Knowledgebase Company to map its customer journeys online to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and experience. Together, the team re-implemented Oracle Service Cloud, refreshed Elsevier's knowledgebase, and created a standard methodology, a new global knowledge management team, and new governance and templates for its support hubs, and customer portals.

To continually improve customer satisfaction, Elsevier also established clear, transparent reporting capabilities to gain actionable insight from all customer interactions.

"We're working closely with our Oracle customer management team to build on our success and move to the next level, by developing a roadmap for modern service excellence, and sharing expertise, guidance and best practices," said Matt Cumberlidge, head of customer services systems, Elsevier.

  • Improved online support, doubling the number of customers finding answers to their queries regarding science and health topics via the support hubs to 52%, and increasing online query avoidance with suggested FAQs from 30% to 68%
  • Increased self-service capability for customers through a combination of standardized, easy-to-use support hubs and customer portals, a detailed and accessible knowledgebase, and just 80 relevant FAQs, reduced from a previous 500
  • Established a standard methodology and template for new customer portals and support hubs, designed to simplify and standardize the customer experience for all health, science, and technology information products and services
  • Guided customers through key interactions with Elsevier, such as helping contributors to publish reports and journals online, assisting customers with ordering printed materials, and accessing online subscriptions—increasing overall customer satisfaction to 91%
  • Created a new knowledge team responsible for all content and FAQs on customer portals and support hubs, to monitor and analyze content on a daily basis and to ensure a standard, customer-focused approach for all customer-focused content
  • Re-positioned support hubs as the first port of call for all customer interactions, increased use of customer support hubs by 196%, which now handle 400,000 visits per month
  • Decreased queries reaching the contact center by 28%, by enabling customers to find their answers online and though FAQs and query deflections via web forms, freeing up contact center agents to manage more complex queries and improving customer service
  • Helped Elsevier to deliver a tailored customer experience according to generational preferences, enabling customers to engage with Elsevier via their chosen channel
  • Developed a single, extensive knowledgebase for all Elsevier science, health and technology information products and services, accessible from customer service centers and by customers globally, ensuring that all customers access the same information
  • Used workspace rules and workflows to guide customer service agents to improve efficiency and customer experience for the two million customers who make contact with the customer service centers each year
  • Delivered valuable reports to understand customer requirements better, helping Elsevier to provide a tailored customer experience according to generational preferences by enabling customers to engage with Elsevier via their channel of choice


Elsevier worked with The Knowledgebase Company to optimize its Oracle Service Cloud implementation and knowledgebase – improving knowledge management, support hub content and FAQs to deliver clear, concise and easy to find information to world-wide customers.

Following a high level evaluation of the existing implementation to understand pain points and opportunities, the team delivered a new interface for Oracle Service Cloud within just nine months.

The Knowledgebase Company implemented a channeling and routing methodology to make sure a customer inquiry is serviced by the right person. This enables a flexible environment that can be expanded to new portals and user groups by Elsevier’s support team.

Publié:January 1, 2018