Interbanking gains better employee satisfaction and efficiency with Oracle Cloud

The Argentinian financial services company uses Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP to move its digital transformation forward and boost employee efficiency.


What I like the most about our association with Oracle is knowing that we are working at the level of the best processes in the world. That makes us very proud and, certainly, it raises the bar.

Lionel HepnerChief Human Resources Officer, Interbanking

Business challenges

Interbanking has been offering digital financial services for more than 30 years, including digital banking, payments, collection, and administration processes for small, medium, and large businesses throughout Argentina. Additionally, the company provides settlement services for about 90% of the financial transactions that take place in the country.

However, its manual, bureaucratic systems and finance processes frustrated employees. Company leaders recognized that digital transformation could potentially improve its image among clients who were already using modern, cloud-based systems. Also it would help the company keep up with competitors who had recently adopted more modern technologies. The organization subsequently launched a transformation effort to modernize its ERP and HCM applications, eliminate redundant tasks, boost efficiency, increase flexibility, and improve the employee experience.

Oracle Cloud HCM has been a key part of improving our internal processes, which has made the employee experience better. Making the employee experience better has proven to be a great way to improve the company culture.

Lionel HepnerChief Human Resources Officer, Interbanking

Why Interbanking chose Oracle

Interbanking evaluated SAP SuccessFactors and several other systems, but selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP because it could easily integrate the two applications, as well as adopt new applications in the future. Interbanking also recognized that Oracle offered strong and flexible applications that would meet its needs as the company evolved.


Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP helped Interbanking move its digital transformation efforts forward. Oracle Cloud HCM helped the company eliminate manual processes with self-service HR capabilities so employees can now upload their own data and documentation, report sick leave, request time off, and more. Consolidation and simplification of HR processes greatly improved the employee experience, while self-service capabilities have freed HR managers to focus on more complex tasks.

Oracle Cloud HCM also enabled Interbanking to improve its employee development efforts, allowing managers to track employee training, performance, and development so they can move employees into more senior positions faster when warranted. It also gives managers a clearer view of any salary gaps to make adjustments according to employees’ experience and seniority.

Moving to the cloud also enabled the company to continue hiring and onboarding employees during COVID-19 office closures, because all processes and approvals are now performed remotely. Meanwhile, adopting Oracle Cloud ERP improved data quality and availability and improved the company’s ability to track processes.


Oracle Consulting assisted Interbanking with the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and ERP implementation.

Publié:January 19, 2022