Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node

Low-Cost Entry to Flexible Database Consolidation

Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node is a single instance of an Oracle Real Application Clusters-enabled database running on one node in a cluster. It lets you consolidate multiple databases onto a single cluster and thereby adds to the flexibility that Oracle offers for database consolidation while reducing management overhead by providing a standard deployment for highly available Oracle Database editions.

Oracle Utilities Data Model
Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node
  • Failover cluster protection for unplanned downtime
  • Online Database Relocation for workload management
  • Online database patching to reduce planned downtime
  • Online upgrade to Oracle RAC for full scalability



  • Protection from unplanned database or system failures
  • Rolling upgrades and patches for your OS and database
  • Standard management for highly available Oracle Databases
  • Online Databases Relocation for database virtualization

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