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Oracle Point of Sale Successes

Lucky Shag logo

The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar Soars to New Heights with Simphony Cloud POS


The Lucky Shag

Don’t let antiquated technology hinder your restaurant business. The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar made the move to Simphony Cloud as its old POS could no longer keep up. Is it time to upgrade your POS platform?

The Broken Yolk Café logo

The Broken Yolk Café Cracks Speed of Service with Oracle Tablets


The Broken Yolk Café

Independent family-run restaurant The Broken Yolk Café discusses the use of Oracle Food and Beverage tablets and the positive impact on their business.

Café Anatolia logo

Café Anatolia Finds Increased Visibility Across Locations with Simphony Cloud POS


Café Anatolia

Oracle Simphony Cloud Point of Sale provides us with a single view into the operations of the business across all sites. This lets us make better business decisions faster and ensures quality and speed of service.
Toyota Stadium logo

From soccer to concerts: how Toyota Stadium makes event management simple with event based pricing and Simphony point of sale.


Toyota Stadium

Our main goal is to give all guests at our venue an amazing experience. Having the ability to change up our menu [with event based pricing and Simphony point of sale] definitely helps with this.
Caractère logo

Simphony Point of Sale and Oracle MICROS Hardware Help Caractère Deliver Seamless Customer Service



Caractère, the first restaurant from husband and wife team Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari, has debuted with the support of Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony Point of Sale and restaurant management technology.

Quiznos logo

Quiznos Streamlines International Operations with Oracle Point of Sale and Restaurant Technology



Oracle Food and Beverage is the preferred point of sale solution for Quiznos internationally. See how they are serving fresh, toasty sandwiches faster than ever and managing labor, inventory, and other business-critical data with InMotion Mobile reporting.

MASH logo

MASH Serves High-end Steakhouse Concept to Guests Across Europe with Oracle Simphony POS



Established in 2009, the MASH steakhouse brand from Copenhagen Concepts now has 14 locations offering a fantastic guest service with the help of Oracle Simphony Point of Sale.

Foodation logo

Foodation Aims to be Pizza Leaders with Oracle Restaurant Technology and Point of Sale



Foodation is delivering fantastic service across three concepts — pizza, burgers, kebabs — with Oracle Simphony Cloud Point of Sale and the InMotion mobile app reporting.

Gaira Café logo

Gaira Café Delivers Food and Culture in Famous Music Venue with Oracle POS


Gaira Café

Gaira provides fast guest service to food and music lovers using Simphony Cloud POS, with Inventory Management to control costs and increase revenue.

Outback Steakhouse logo

Sizzling Success for Outback Steakhouse’s Transition to Cloud Point of Sale


Outback Steakhouse

With 8 locations around Australia, Outback Steakhouse benefits from Simphony Cloud Point of Sale to streamline restaurant operations and simplify the opening of multiple sites.

Indian Wells logo

Indian Wells Serves Tennis Fans Fast with Simphony Cloud POS


Indian Wells

Oracle restaurant technology allows Indian Wells Tennis Garden to focus on fan experience by increasing operational efficiency. See how Simphony Cloud POS, point of sale hardware, and self-service kiosks are improving speed of service.

Retail Services logo

Retail Services Increases Profit with Oracle Point of Sale and Inventory Management


Retail Services

Controlling food cost is key to increasing efficiency and profitability in our segment...with Oracle Simphony Point of Sale, we gained a fast and reliable platform, boosted control of costs, and increased profits by 3 percent.
Sticks ‘n’ Sushi logo

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is Growing with a Digital Strategy for Takeout and Full Service Restaurants


Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is undergoing a digital transformation of its business. Making it all possible is Oracle Simphony Cloud Point of Sale, the platform that is providing Sticks ‘n’ Sushi with centralized control of an ever-growing restaurant enterprise.

Europa logo

Europa Park Delivers Great Guest Experiences with Oracle Point of Sale


Europa Park

Europa Park uses the Oracle point of sale platform and hotel technology to manage its 19 restaurants and bars, 5 hotels, and 4500 beds.

The Boiling Crab logo

Dynamic Hardware Delivers Speed and Performance for the Boiling Crab


The Boiling Crab

Cajun seafood restaurant The Boiling Crab delivers speed and performance with Oracle Food and Beverage. Read how the growing restaurant chain is benefitting from using one provider for point-of-sale hardware and software.

Margaritas logo

Margaritas Increases Efficiency with Oracle Hospitality KDS



Oracle’s Kitchen Display System is delivering effective analytic and management benefits to Margaritas, full-service Mexican restaurant, according to COO Hugo Marin.

City Café logo

City Café Bets on Innovation and Increases Profits with Oracle Food and Beverage


City Café

"Oracle’s integrated software and hardware helped us provide mobile checkout and allowed the expansion of our services to external areas. Our new POS and back-office systems, combined with multifunction tablets, have optimized our operations and boosted profits."
Miami Marlins logo

Miami Marlins simplify their staff meal program with loyalty solution from Oracle Food and Beverage


Miami Marlins

This allowed us to change from where we were for a long time to where we needed to be. A lot more teams should look into [Oracle Simphony] because it’s a time saver.
Drayton Manor logo

Drayton Manor Park unifies hotel, zoo, and theme park on integrated platform from Oracle Food and Beverage.


Drayton Manor Park

Oracle Simphony provides a single solution for point-of-sale, loyalty, inventory and payments across all Drayton Manor Park food and beverage outlets as well as their onsite 4-star hotel.

Arena One logo

Arena One Achieves 60% Faster Checkout in Canteen Operations Thanks to Flexible, Cashless, and Fully Integrated Hospitality Management Solution


Arena One

We chose Oracle Hospitality Simphony for our Business Campus Munich canteen because of the high quality, reliability, speed, and reporting capabilities of the solution, the easily configurable payment card, and, not least, the excellent support.
Barclaycard Arena Hamburg logo

Barclaycard Arena Hamburg Improves the Spectator Experience with Integrated POS System


Barclaycard Arena Hamburg

Improving customer experience is our foremost goal. Oracle’s highly efficient POS solution for the leisure and entertainment market provides flexibility and resilience and can perform mission-critical operations even in during network failure, which is vital to our business.