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Cruise Partner Integrations

Accelerate innovation and customize cruise technology by collaborating with hospitality partners and integrators. With our open APIs you can tap into best-of-breed solutions to deliver exceptional experiences.

Explore our comprehensive cruise ship management system.

The new next in cruise partners


Eight years of experience in providing solutions for cruise ships.


Full-service agency that offers photo and film production solutions on international cruise ships.


eCruise is your strategic partner to quickly solve software problems and help you develop the tools and experience to prevent these problems from happening again.


Tailor experiences to your individual needs by providing highly customizable technology products.


An app-based and back-end system deployed on vessels that is focused on communications, onboard location-based marketing, and health systems.


Global IT solutions provider with products such as zcare, a guest meet-and-greet application with IoT-enabled safety devices.


SeaCare health management platform is a complete software solution for global medical operations within the maritime industry.


The cruise industry's preferred software development partner, with products such as XiCafe, Cruise Media Center, and more.

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