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Social Marketing

Social Listening

Stay Ahead With Deeper Social Listening Tools

Listening to messages and cutting through the noise.
Modern marketers need to monitor conversations on social media networks, message boards, blogs, consumer review sites, and video sites across the globe. With Oracle Social Listening, you can access more than 700 million messages daily.  Only Oracle offers Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) that cuts through the noise. Use indicators that quickly identify and capture only the relevant signals such as consumer intent, activities, interests, product attributes, and brand health measures.
Learn and apply social business insights.
Customers talk, and you should know what they’re saying. Social marketing requires constant monitoring: If customers are happy and excited, you want to know why; if customers are indifferent, that’s important to know, too; and if a customer has a negative comment or complaint, the time to address it is now—before it goes viral. 
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Insightful Marketers Listen to Customer’s Opinions

Companies that listen to their customers can offer better products, create more-targeted messaging, and learn how to best engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time.
By employing intelligent social listening, which has become increasingly critical to understanding customers’ intentions, marketers can:
  • Create better marketing campaigns, products, and services based-on real-time customer feedback
  • Correlate customer data and intelligence to guide meaningful and timely responses
  • Deliver a unified brand experience to customers and prospects

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Social Marketing

How do you engage audiences with social media? Start with the 5 Pillars of Social Marketing: Listening, Engagement, Marketing Communications, Social Advertising, and Analytics.

Lojas Colombo

Lojas Colombo Uses Marketing Automation to Boost Online Sales

After being dominant in Southern Brazil for more than 50 years, retailer Lojas Colombo wanted a partner to help them implement a marketing automation lifecycle program that would help expand its presence in the region.

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Eaton gère l’engagement global en utilisant Oracle

Eaton utilise Oracle Marketing Cloud pour créer une expérience client attrayante, interactive et personnalisée qui offre des taux d'ouverture, de clics et d'engagement exceptionnels pour cette société de gestion d'énergie mondiale.

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“I would definitely recommend the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The tool is very robust. It’s very easy to use. It’s got a fantastic reporting functionality.”

Natya Padman | Manager Business Communications, Canon Australia

Modern Marketers Feeling the Social Relationship

Social Media Today and Oracle Marketing Cloud created a survey that asked 175 marketers about goals, roles, and channels regarding social. See the numbers behind the findings.

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Social Media Intelligence 2015

This SiriusView compares leading vendors within the b-to-b social media intelligence (SMI) space. Get the full report here.


The Guide to Social Media Marketing

Make great social marketing strides in this digital world. Read how to listen, engage, publish, and analyze as part of your orchestrated and integrated marketing machine.