Thank you for joining us at Oracle Health Summit 2024! We're thrilled to have shared this time with you.

At Oracle Health, we prioritize patient-centric innovation and aim to place patients at the heart of everything we do. Our demonstration, featuring Shanna’s patient journey, was crafted to embody this commitment. You witnessed firsthand how our solutions—through an open and connected ecosystem—empowered Shanna and her care providers during her most challenging moments. By alleviating administrative burdens, we enable healthcare professionals to concentrate on what they do best: delivering exceptional care.

We encourage you to revisit the demonstrations below and further explore how our solutions can benefit your organization and your customers.

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Revisit Shanna's Journey

Diagnosis and outpatient care

From the beginning of Shanna’s difficult journey, Oracle provided proactive and intelligent systems that streamlined her access to the right care and empowered her care providers to focus on her treatment, instead of cumbersome administrative tasks.

Oracle Health Patient Portal

Oracle Health Patient Portal offers a mobile and responsive web-based portal that provides patients and their caregivers with access to the patient’s health record information. Patients can use the portal to review test results and documents, communicate with their clinician(s), self-register for an upcoming appointment, manage their appointments and medications, find care, and pay any outstanding balances online.

Explore Oracle Health Patient Portal

Oracle Health Patient Administration

Oracle Health Patient Administration offers capabilities that allow patients and staff to perform healthcare registration and scheduling activities efficiently. This modern, cloud native application facilitates real-time patient management across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The system guides users through streamlined workflows for scheduling and registration and enables patients to complete tasks themselves. Patient self-service capabilities enable patients to register, check in, cancel, and reschedule when notified of upcoming appointments.

Explore Oracle Health Patient Administration System

Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant

Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant helps enhance physician work experiences and drive focused patient interactions through AI-powered clinical intelligence, voice-driven assistance, and simplified workflows. The digital assistant provides a comprehensive mobile solution for physicians to navigate their everyday workloads and supports clinical efficiencies by combining four key capabilities—clinical automation, note generation, integrated dictation, and action assistance—in one unified experience.

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Oracle Health Payments*

Oracle Health is enabling front- and back-office staff to automatically process patient card payments in near real time. We’re using modern digital card entry methods that offer patients convenience and accessibility, helping to speed transactions and enabling staff to save time. Our secure payments solution is aligned to the Payment Card Industry compliance regulations, enabling customers to build patient trust and help minimize fraud. Predictable, transparent, and flexible contracting enables customers to pay by actual usage and can help limit collection cost expenses.

*All solutions/services are under development. Oracle Health makes no assurances that the capacity described herein will be provided in the solution/services.

Healthcare system administration

As Shanna transitioned from outpatient to inpatient care, Oracle enabled the hospital system she visited to prepare and train staff, proactively manage inventory, and make decisions based on a connected view of patient, supply, financial, and staffing data.

Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting

Organizations continue to face pressure amid reduced margins, increasing costs, mergers and acquisitions, evolving regulatory standards, and labor changes and challenges. As a result of these industry dynamics and trends, organizations need products that facilitate accuracy, timeliness, and automation in billing processes to optimize operational profitability. Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting helps optimize your financial outcomes with clinically integrated, cloud-enabled billing workflows that provide automation and extensibility.

Explore Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting

Oracle Healthcare Marketplace

Oracle Healthcare Marketplace is a commercial-grade shopping experience designed for healthcare professionals that provides an expanded catalog of medical-surgical products within Oracle’s self-service procurement application.

It enables buying and sourcing efficiency with clean and enriched non-catalog requests, drives on-contract spend for purchased items, and maximizes product standardization and revenue reimbursement using a consistent data structure.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management

Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management’s mobile capabilities help organizations reduce inventory errors, improve restock efficiency, and gain the visibility they need to better predict demand and optimize stock availability.

Mobile inventory capabilities provide support for all core inventory transactions, including barcode scanning support for receiving, put away, picking, cycle counting, material transfers, and issuing of materials across all types of stocking locations.

Explore Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management

Inpatient treatment (clinical)

Throughout Shanna’s inpatient treatment, Oracle empowered her care providers to be coordinated and organized by providing a connected view of her disparate health records and surfacing her needs to the relevant team members.

Oracle Health Command Center

Oracle Health Command Center is powered by intelligence and predictive models to align throughput and staffing and drive action back into clinical and operational workflows. By using near real-time data and machine learning algorithms, Oracle Health Command Center provides situational awareness and decision support to address key performance indicators.

Explore Oracle Health Command Center

Oracle Health Seamless Exchange

Oracle Health Seamless Exchange connects external and internal patient data within the clinical workflow to provide a longitudinal record of a patient’s care across the continuum, regardless of the source. It helps improve data quality and the clinical experience by lessening data noise, improving data formatting, and providing context for data. This allows clinicians to spend less time on technology and more time with patients.

Explore Oracle Health Seamless Exchange

Oracle Health EHR Nursing Mobility

Oracle Health EHR Nursing Mobility is an enterprise clinical communications product that supports care team communications, collaboration, event notifications, and mobile clinical workflows to help reduce inefficiencies that can lead to medical errors, lost time for care team members, and financial loss.

Explore Oracle Health EHR Nursing Mobility

Oracle Health Patient Flow

Oracle Health Patient Flow provides integrations between bed management, environmental services, and transport functions. This allows for the automation of the throughput process while minimizing continual phone calls for equipment, transport requests, and cleaning services.

Population health (Oracle Health Data Intelligence)

Thankfully, Shanna was able to get the treatment she needed; however, her diagnosis is part of a much larger trend. Oracle is empowering hospital systems to view macro health trends, regardless of EHR provider, and take action to provide better care to the populations they support.

Oracle Health Data Intelligence

Oracle Health Data Intelligence, formerly HealtheIntent, is a modular suite of cloud applications, services, and analytics. The suite enables a broad range of healthcare and government stakeholders to use data from across the healthcare ecosystem to help advance patient health, improve care delivery, and drive operational efficiency. Additional new capabilities include system performance improvements, prebuilt clinical quality analytics, and automated alerts that can help increase reimbursements and enhance care.

Explore Oracle Health Data Intelligence

Data and analytics intelligence

Self-service capabilities enable you to explore your data, conduct peer-to-peer analysis, and access comprehensive analytics and insights that help you better understand a population.

Explore data and analytics intelligence

Clinical intelligence

A standalone web application leverages clinical and financial data across the care continuum to qualify, attribute, measure, monitor members, and optimize financial performance.

Explore condition management Explore value-based care

Care coordination intelligence

Person-centric applications use a centralized system to help care management teams proactively coordinate personalized care plans and assist patients in managing their own healthcare to achieve optimal health outcomes, increase patient engagement, and foster long-term relationships.

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