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Do you want one-dimensional or multidimensional healthcare insight?

While the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is great, it only provides one piece of a complex puzzle. Healthcare providers want insight based on a complete picture—one made up of clinical, financial, administrative, and omics data taken together. Explore the potential of multidimensional data and see how it can help improve decision-making.

Key Features

Oracle Healthcare Foundation Benefits

  • Integrate data from disparate source systems
  • Aggregate clinical, financial, administrative, and omics data from all care settings
  • Make informed decisions that can improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce cost of care for both financial and total resource demands

Trends in Precision Medicine Adoption

Trends in Precision Medicine Adoption

While the healthcare and life sciences communities have embraced the concept behind precision medicine—using the molecular makeup of patients in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease—the degree to which organizations in this market have implemented formal precision medicine initiatives, and the implementation status of those initiatives, has not been clear.