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With Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, our HR teams are saving 27,000 hours of work every year. Our integrated cloud technology is delivering the key insights that help us elevate the employee experience—from recruiting to development.

Anje Dodson, Oracle’s SVP of HR, shares how our cloud brings people, information, and experiences together (3:26)

We’re ready to help you transform HR

With Oracle Cloud HCM, our human resources team has streamlined our hiring, onboarding, and development processes, including 71% faster talent reviews. This gives us more time to attract, retain, and grow talent at Oracle while supporting employee success. Let us show you how we put Oracle Cloud HCM to work, and what it can do for you.

Discover Oracle Cloud HCM

Why we moved HR to the cloud

Like many of our customers, our HR operations had disparate internal systems and processes for hiring and onboarding. The result was a disjointed, overly complex, and time-consuming employee experience. We deployed Oracle Cloud HCM to achieve industry-leading human resources operating efficiency and give our employees better tools for career success.

Machine learning and AI improve the employee experience

Our goal was to refine complex and cumbersome HR processes and transactions so they were simpler and more intuitive, like the personal apps our employees use every day. The built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of Oracle Cloud services enable us to continually improve our insights and employee experience.

Our talent process has given me the opportunity to continuously review my skills, make adjustments, and improve as a sales leader. Without this feedback process, I wouldn’t be where I am today, growing and moving my career forward here at Oracle.

Kevin Lally Regional Vice President, Oracle Corporation

A framework for HR operations excellence

Oracle HCM Cloud helped us reimagine our HR operations using an incremental framework thatmakes hiring faster and easier, clarifies career goals, automates onboarding, and provides more visibility into talent and employee reviews.



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With all hiring steps on one platform, plus auto-populated fields and the ability to remove unnecessary approvers, we simplified hiring and onboarding at Oracle. For the annual evaluation process, Oracle Cloud HCM helped us reduce time spent on end-of-year appraisals and focus on continuous feedback and forward-looking conversations that support personal growth and career development.


Employees have always-on access to Oracle Cloud HCM and can use cascading goals to align their work with Oracle’s strategy. Meanwhile, leaders can align business goals to their teams, helping employees see the business impact of their day-to-day activities.


The hiring and onboarding platform connects with candidates through a familiar user interface that’s similar to personal apps. Managers get a 360-degree view of the hiring cycle and can complete talent and performance reviews, provide feedback on employees and peers, and explore new roles of interest faster and more efficiently.


With full visibility into our talent, we can make better decisions. More and more, those decisions can be made automatically by combining AI with machine learning. And, every quarter, Oracle Cloud releases new features that improve performance.


For the last three years, we’ve been ranked by LinkedIn as a top-10 company to work for. Oracle Cloud HCM has been instrumental in improving our HR and employee experiences. We’ve cut 27,000 hours of administrative time and improved the Oracle employee experience, from the hiring process to ongoing career development:


  • Saving hiring managers 20,000 hours a year with an accelerated offer process
  • Reducing approval tiers by 77%

Career development

  • Improving managerial alignment and engagement with employees through a model that focuses on 80% continuous feedback and 20% annual wrap-up reviews
  • Increasing support for employee career development based on data analysis insights
  • Eliminating 71% of the time it once took to conduct talent reviews
  • Supporting employee retention through better career discussions
    • When managers use HCM Performance for annual reviews, employees show 10% higher satisfaction with career discussions and are more than twice as likely to believe their career goals can be met at Oracle
    • When employees believe their career goals can be met, they are 70% less likely to voluntarily leave
  • Helping sales employees achieve greater success
    • Those who completed a shared and tracked goal in HCM realized a 20% higher sales attainment and 10% higher engagement

Employee health and wellbeing

  • Enabling key emergency response with a rapid 7 day-stand up of HCM Workforce Health & Safety to help us manage COVID-19 cases globally

The benefits of using Oracle Cloud span our business

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JULY 6, 2021

How Oracle transformed its employee experience—and cut support requests by 70%—with Oracle Guided Learning

Damien Carey, Senior Vice President, Oracle University
Andrew Bowen, Senior Director, Talent Management Center of Expertise

There are more than 130,000 Oracle employees worldwide. With that broad reach comes an ongoing responsibility to innovate: continually providing our employees with new experiences that make work easier, better, and more enjoyable.

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