Unified Orchestration and Assurance—a Cloud Native Operations Support System (OSS)

Automate operations at cloud scale with Oracle Unified Orchestration and Assurance OSS. Drive closed-loop automation to reduce OpEx and increase service agility. Enable new business models with an automated operations solution built for complex cloud and software-defined networks and services.

Enabling Telco to Techco Transformation

Download your free Omdia report for insights into why CSPs must evolve their service and network operations, and a look at the pivotal role an automated operations platform can play as they keep pace with their front-office digitalization initiatives for a successful telco to techco transformation.

Unified Orchestration and Assurance features and benefits

Oracle’s Unified Orchestration and Assurance solution helps automate the lifecycle management of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services across physical and cloud-based networks.

Composite OSS solution designed for best-of-breed or best-of-suite deployment

Orchestration, inventory and topology, and assurance work in tandem to design, orchestrate, and assure services in closed loop manner.

Automated service lifecycle management

Increase service agility, reduce OpEx, and manage network and service complexity. Take advantage of an integrated service lifecycle automation solution that combines Oracle Unified Orchestration, Unified Inventory and Topology, and Unified Assurance.

A basis for assisted and closed-loop automation

Achieve human-assisted and closed-loop automation setting the foundation for autonomous networks by driving assurance and policy-based service and network configuration changes.

Multidomain, multivendor, and open API-based

Connect your business to your network with an open API- and standards-based solution. Seamlessly integrate it into domain orchestrators and physical, virtual, and cloud native network functions, as well as operational tools and diverse data sources.

Cloud scale operations for the 5G era

Future-proof investments and operationalize traditional and digital services with a highly scalable solution. Evolve to a cloud native architecture, increasing IT agility while avoiding service downtime.

Unify service and network orchestration

Accelerate the design, delivery, and lifecycle management of 5G, fiber, and digital services. Implement out-of-the-box or customized parameters while avoiding network vendor lock-in to accelerate revenue.

Multidomain service orchestration

Automate the design, creation, and end-to-end orchestration of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services. Coordinate workflows and actions via traditional activation, configuration, and domain orchestration systems.

Intent-driven orchestration

Implement intent-driven orchestration based on customers’ business goals. Use out-of-the-box service models and customize parameters to match customer requirements and translate them to service and network intent.

Accelerated time to revenue

Increase service delivery velocity for traditional and digital services. Seamlessly integrate with order management, assurance, inventory, and network orchestration to eliminate provisioning errors and order fallouts.

End-to-end view of the network and services

Improve operations with real-time active inventory and topology designed to automate the fulfillment, assurance, and orchestration of the network and services.

Unified and federated

Get “single pane of glass” network and service visibility for physical and cloud-based networks, enabling automation of the design, orchestration, and operations of complex services.

Real-time unified topology

Obtain a near real-time, high-definition view of how network functions interconnect to form end-to-end network services. Use it with unified inventory and assurance to increase operational efficiency.

Automated discovery and reconciliation

Improve the accuracy of operations and planning processes with high quality network inventory data. Quickly onboard new network devices, network functions, and inventory data sources.

Dynamic inventory

Transform offline inventory into a highly scalable active inventory using live network telemetry and network discovery data. Use your latest network status and dependencies to build a single source of truth for the network and services.

Guarantee network and service quality

Provide dynamic, end-to-end assurance for 5G solutions at scale while ensuring optimal quality of service and customer experience with machine learning (ML) analytics.

End-to-end federated assurance

Automate operations with end-to-end network and service assurance by federating across existing tools. Leverage existing investments with a roadmap to rationalize the tools and build the basis for 5G autonomous operations.

Fault and performance management

Automate root cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution using topology, advanced correlation, and machine learning–based event analytics. Empower operations and engineering with real-time reports and an automated issue detection engine.

Superior customer experience

Guarantee superior network and service quality of experience for consumers and enterprises. Improve customer experience index and net promoter score metrics while complying with contracted SLAs to avoid penalties and reduce churn.

Machine learning and event analytics

Ingest, aggregate, and curate large amounts of event data to drive analytics and train ML algorithms. Operationalize complex networks and services using ML based anomaly detection without augmenting operations staff.

Swisscom selected Oracle to create a lean architecture to support new cloud services

Unified Orchestration and Assurance components

01Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration

An intent-driven, multidomain orchestration solution that automates pre-5G and 5G-era services across physical, cloud, and SDN-based networks. It provides a scalable cloud native platform for processing millions of daily orders while enabling the network service orchestration of NaaS and network slice–based services.

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02Oracle Communications Unified Inventory and Topology

A real-time active inventory and topology solution that provides a unified, federated, “single pane of glass” view of network resources and services. Combined with network discovery and reconciliation, the cloud scale inventory management solution enables automation of the fulfillment, assurance, and orchestration of pre-5G and 5G-era services.

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03Oracle Communications Unified Assurance

An end-to-end assurance solution that provides automated root cause analysis using ML-based event analytics. It can be deployed as an overlay platform to unify monitoring across existing assurance tools, as a standalone assurance solution with integrations into multivendor networks and management systems, or in a hybrid mode.

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