Oracle and NIH Networks collaborate to help end HIV

“This is the future of clinical research, and we are taking all we learned and built during COVID-19 and applying it to other public health issues, like HIV.”

Mike Sicilia, Executive Vice President, Oracle Industries

Getting one step closer to an HIV cure

While HIV treatments are extending and saving lives, the absence of a vaccine means over a million Americans are still living with the disease. Applying lessons from the successful COVID-19 vaccine studies, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a part of the NIH, has launched the Red Ribbon Registry. Built by Oracle, this unique cloud-based registry makes it easy for anyone from anywhere in the U.S. to volunteer for an HIV clinical study. The collaboration aims to fast-track the search for a preventive vaccine.

Beyond HIV: tackling other urgent challenges

From clinical studies to vaccine safety and modernizing records, Oracle is using its expertise to help protect against COVID-19, yellow fever, and more.

Partnering to protect the future

University of Oxford and Oracle teamed to create the Global Pathogen Analysis System (GPAS), which uses a global common standard for analyzing viruses and processing pathogen data in just minutes. Powered by Oracle Cloud, the system helps governments, medical communities, and public health leaders access accurate and comparable information about the spread and evolution of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, much faster to manage their spread and make better policy decisions.

A shared sense of purpose

None of us is untouched by COVID-19, so given the chance to do something to combat the disease, Oracle teammates have jumped into action. From writing code to putting free cloud resources into researchers’ hands, Oracle employees have rallied around a shared sense of purpose to commit their time, talent, and passion to the fight. “Being part of the solution is exactly what I wanted to be doing,” says Sharon Kennedy, a member of the Oracle APEX technical staff.

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CDC analyzes vaccine safety with v-safe, powered by Oracle Cloud

Because of the accelerated timelines, the original clinical trials for COVID-19 specifically excluded certain groups, such as people who knew they were pregnant. But with the CDC’s v-safe system, developed by Oracle, people who didn’t know and/or those who did know they were pregnant at the time they received a COVID-19 vaccine were able to opt in, share health updates, and track any reactions to the vaccine. Thanks to millions of records in the system, researchers were able to conclude that there were no adverse effects from the vaccine on pregnant people.

Oracle National EHR Cloud System collects and protects health data

Every day, public health policymakers study graphs and visualizations to understand the state of the global pandemic. They need a reliable central data source. The Centers for Disease Control uses Oracle National EHR Cloud as a central data repository for US vaccination data. Anonymized data—where all patient names and identifiers have been removed to protect patient privacy—is used for analysis and reporting by authorized agencies and organizations.

Together, we’re modernizing public health

The Tony Blair Institute and Oracle have partnered to use the Oracle National EHR Cloud System to manage the distribution of yellow fever vaccine in Africa. More than 70,000 people in Ghana were vaccinated during the first week of the program. We’re talking with dozens of countries about how to modernize their national public health infrastructure and enable efficient vaccine distribution, therapeutic monitoring, and diagnostic testing using Oracle Cloud and Public Health Applications.

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The Oracle products behind these critical health management efforts

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Oracle APEX is a low code development platform that enables people to build scalable, secure applications.

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