Liberty Health future-proofs its organization with Oracle

Long-term insurance provider finds greater transparency, personalization, and convenience for its company and customers with Oracle Health Insurance. 


The community that comes with Oracle Health Insurance was key for us. The solution not only offers seeded capabilities, but also numerous supporting and development frameworks that help us further expand our innovation efforts.

Christo GroenewaldDivisional Director for Health Business Enablement, Liberty Health

Business challenges

Liberty Health provides long-term insurance products and services in more than 27 countries across Africa.

Health insurance companies strive to achieve new levels of personalized service and transparency for their members. As they look to jumpstart transformation, however, many insurers are paralyzed by rigid, outdated legacy systems that aren’t equipped for today’s rigorous market expectations. As organizations prepare to invest, creating a future-proof core infrastructure is a top priority.

Liberty Health saw its business changing as customers sought greater transparency, personalization, and convenience. However, the company’s legacy infrastructure wasn’t equipped to propel it into the future of digital information and healthcare.

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Liberty Health knew it wanted to work with Oracle, having already found success using Oracle Database and other Oracle solutions. This history, combined with Oracle Health Insurance’s ability to deliver a complete, yet modular, solution to support all core processes, made the choice an easy one.
Christo Groenewald, Liberty Health’s divisional director for health business enablement, knew it was time to embrace digital transformation. The company’s growth strategy would depend on it. “We continue reinvesting in Oracle because of the successes we’ve had in the past,” Groenewald said.

The organization is focusing first on automation and improving process efficiency as a foundation for a better member experience. 


Liberty Health selected Oracle Health Insurance as the vehicle for its transformation journey. Today, business processes that used to take two to three days now take just seconds. The cloud is an important priority for Liberty Health. It’s focusing on standardizing and optimizing as much as possible using Oracle, and then moving processes to the cloud-based Oracle Health Insurance platform to ensure a future-proof environment.

Liberty Health is innovating numerous processes throughout the company and seeing promising results, with Oracle Health Insurance serving as the foundation for the company’s future-proofing strategy. The company is focusing not just on technology but also on people—how it engages employees, customers, and partners from different countries. It’s making sure to align these groups closely around the company’s goals and transformation strategy to ensure successful outcomes.

Published:April 8, 2020