Maxa achieves 99.95% uptime using Oracle Cloud

With a move to Oracle Cloud ERP, the Guatemalan sugar company drastically reduces downtime and increases speed and accuracy of finance decisions.


With Oracle, we have the advantage of a solid infrastructure and transactional system. We can move forward to innovate and improve business.

Rubén EstradaIT Manager, Maxa

Business challenges

Máquinas Exactas S.A.—better known as Maxa—has been producing, packaging, and marketing sugar in Guatemala for more than 30 years, using brands such as Caña Real, Don Justo Cabal, La Montaña, and Morena de Caña. The company has plants in Escuintla and Retalhuleu and about 44 sales locations throughout the country.

Maxa struggled with obsolete on-premises hardware running its 12-year-old JD Edwards enterprise resource planning software, leading to unacceptably high downtime and low user confidence. The sugar company needed a solution that would improve uptime and restore user trust.

Working with Oracle influenced our KPIs. We're no longer putting out fires. We're no longer keeping our heads down trying to figure out how to solve these problems.

Rubén EstradaIT manager, Maxa

Why Maxa Chose Oracle

Maxa decided to upgrade to JD Edwards and integrate it with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Maxa chose Oracle because of the cloud provider’s flexibility, scalability, robustness, and quality. Oracle worked closely with Maxa during the selection process, distinguishing the cloud provider from its competitors. And Oracle offered the best pricing.


Maxa solved its downtime problem. The JD Edwards upgrade, combined with the move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, resulted in better than 99.95% uptime—more than beating Maxa’s goal of 99.5%. Internal satisfaction went from less than 80% to 95% or better. Maxa employees who use the ERP service the most, particularly in operations, finance, and commerce, reported increased satisfaction with both availability and speed of the service. Employees have confidence in what’s being done and can get the information they need at the time they need it.

The IT team no longer deals with problems outside working hours. Instead, it focuses on planning the next steps in digital transformation, innovation, and improving the company’s capabilities.

Partnering with Oracle is particularly beneficial during the pandemic, as it allows Maxa’s employees to connect to the ERP service from wherever they are, and work remotely.

Published:May 21, 2021