Maxim’s optimizes its operations with Oracle Cloud VMware and Exadata solutions

Maxim’s Group leverages Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and Exadata Cloud@Customer to improve availability, efficiency, and business continuity.


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution has allowed us to strengthen our business continuity and disaster recovery workflow, while building more capacity and scaling on demand.

Louis MahDirector of Information Technology, Maxim’s Group

Business challenges

With over 1,800 outlets across Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and Southeast Asia, the Maxim’s Group has interests spread across restaurants, bakery shops, and institutional catering. It also offers a range of festive foods, including mooncakes, and is the licensee of renowned brands like Starbucks Coffee.

The company’s rapid growth and foray into newer markets demanded heightened and rapid infrastructural scalability without putting pressure on CapEx. Its primary challenge resulting from COVID-19 was the need for business continuity, 24/7 availability, and building capacity on demand. Maxim’s wanted to minimize the impact of IT systems interruption, improve business capabilities, and increase computing capacity for app development and testing.

The company also wanted to upgrade its legacy infrastructure to a system with more cutting-edge cloud capabilities where data migration from on-premises systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was more secure and efficient, with close to 100% real-time data accessibility.

I am very happy with the smooth upgrade to Oracle Database 19c and the deployment of Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer that helps us to operate leaner and faster.

Keith SuiCFO, Maxim’s Group

Why Maxim's chose Oracle

Maxim’s was an early adopter of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and as a result has benefited from massive cost savings and tech innovations. Maxim’s selected Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to enable rapid migration of critical workloads to the cloud without requiring changes for higher availability and disaster recovery.

The company found that an on-premises system was 65% more expensive than Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and a 3-year commitment with Azure was 114% more expensive than Oracle Cloud VMware, giving the company lower TCO.


Oracle Cloud VMware delivers control, security, and predictability. Maxim’s has root access over the cloud environment for full control and a VMware administrative console for managing the VMware environment. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution delivers the highest level of security protection for Maxim’s with fully isolated customer instances with unique encryption keys.

Also, the company can choose the VMware software versions in its deployed instance, which provides predictability for Maxim’s to rapidly migrate its on-premises VMware estate to the cloud without any architectural or operational process changes. Maxim’s, which operates in multiple countries, can predictably manage costs because Oracle Cloud VMware has globally consistent pricing.

The integration of Oracle Cloud VMware in Maxim’s disaster recovery architecture has enabled ‘hot backup’ capabilities for its on-premises VMware environments, delivering business continuity benefits even when the database is in operation online.

Maxim’s now has disaster recovery workflow automation, resulting in disaster protection for around 70 product VMs and reduced RTO to around 5 minutes. If disaster strikes, Oracle Cloud VMware can be scaled to six or seven hosts to deliver 100% capacity and performance.

The company has also been able to free up space in on-premises systems by moving non-production VMs to the cloud in minutes and moving them back again, as the need arises. Extra capacity is now available on demand for development and testing applications.  

Maxim’s Group has also experienced operational efficiency by reducing procurement and provisioning cycles from months to only hours.

Published:March 2, 2022