QBS System speeds performance, tightens security with Oracle

Leading IoT solutions and services company uses Oracle MySQL Database Service to boost efficiency while improving customer satisfaction.


Having integrated everything into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps provide fast performance and also high-quality customer service. We have achieved 20% savings in costs by consolidating on MySQL Database Service.

Nathan LamHead of Digital Innovation, QBS System

Business challenges

QBS System is one of the premier IoT technology companies in Hong Kong and mainland China. Founded in 2011, the company has risen to prominence with its cutting-edge IoT solutions for key areas such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), indoor and outdoor location-based services, warehouse management, video analytics, sensor management, and more. The company has clients across various industry verticals, including logistics, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and utilities.

For many years, QBS System switched between different cloud platforms to deploy its IoT services, based primarily on customer suggestions. However, not having a dedicated cloud infrastructure resulted in a steep learning curve, reduced performance, increased maintenance and operation costs, and poor customer experience.

To stay ahead of customers’ growing expectations for rapid insights, QBS System needed to undergo a successful cloud transformation.

Why QBS System Chose Oracle

QBS System was looking to save money, simplify operations, and ensure higher security to allow its customers to access their own data securely.

Ultimately, the company chose Oracle MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to achieve a future-ready cloud infrastructure with the ability to scale up or down to meet demand, reduce response time, improve reliability, boost performance, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary security risks.


After moving to MySQL, QBS System realized process efficiencies, streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, and saw substantial cost savings. The company’s warehouse management system was the first application to be migrated to OCI. From a customer perspective, the move has resulted in enhanced visibility and added transparency into warehouse operations.

Internally, the cloud automations have afforded QBS System a simplified data landscape to get analytics insights for effective decision-making at all levels. The company is using MySQL to store its performance and operations figures. This data strengthens the company's analytics capabilities and supports better customer experience. Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL Database Service, the company has reduced deployment and go-to-market time.

Additionally, system performance, user experience, and, more importantly, data security all improved. In terms of operational spending, the company achieved 20% savings in staff costs by consolidating workloads on OCI from multiple cloud providers. The time required for maintenance has significantly dropped.

Customer experience has also improved. QBS System customers can use the centralized cloud data repository and dynamic business intelligence to predict and estimate their operations to support better decision-making. It further helps the customers to save time and costs.

Today, more than 10 enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland China are using QBS applications hosted on OCI and MySQL Database Services.

Published:September 16, 2021