Product Tour—Oracle Responsys Campaign Management

Design and deliver relevant, engaging customer experiences

Responsys campaign management

Welcome to Oracle Responsys Campaign Management

Use your customers' specific interests to create and personalize marketing messages across all devices, channels, and lifecycle stages. Oracle Responsys Campaign Management uses AI to better understand customer data so that targeted content and offers can be sent to customers on their preferred channel, at the right time.

Collaboration process designer

Collaborate to simplify campaign tasks

Manage, personalize, and orchestrate interactions and deliver relevant and timely marketing messages to customers. Determine relevant audiences, filter segments, personalize messages, and automate workflows with intuitive tools.

Audience designer

Easily load, organize, and filter data

Define segments and improve engagement by leveraging, connecting, and unifying customer data from multiple sources. The most relevant data is used to target customers and tailor interactions based on their priorities.

Campaign creation

Easy campaign set-up

Produce dynamic, personalized marketing campaigns using a drag-and-drop visual designer. Reuse content blocks and data relationships to simplify campaign production and ensure overall quality.

Optimize program

Test and optimize every interaction

Run tests to optimize your campaign performance. Deploy, analyze, and scale A/B and multivariate tests to learn more about what customers prefer so you can improve their experiences.

Campaign automation

Automate campaigns

Design and build customer journeys that adapt to changes and unpredictable behaviors. Maintain and optimize marketing workflows to ensure customers are always getting the best offers and experiences.

Predictive dashboards

Apply purpose-built AI

Leverage AI to more deeply understand consumer habits and market accordingly. Think about the long term. Insights into each customer's recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) data, and customer lifetime value (CLV) data help determine who has the highest revenue potential over time.

Campaign summary

Improve campaign effectiveness

Ensure campaigns meet intended goals using campaign and program interfaces to review settings before launch. Object relationships in active campaigns also detect errors in marketing initiatives before they occur.

Enagagement process

Improve customer engagement with send-time optimization

Improve customer response rates by sending your emails and offers at times they are most likely to engage. Ensure that you deliver campaign messages via your customer's preferred channel.

Analytics and insight

Understand impact with sophisticated insights

Determine how campaigns, programs, and messages perform across all channels, segments, and devices with real-time analytical capabilities. Use in-line visual display for actionable insights, and highlight campaign revenue by purchase segment or channel using granular attribution.

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