Oracle Cloud Virtual Summit:
Redefine Best in a World of Change

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | Original broadcast

Oracle Redefine Best in a World of Change

Oracle Cloud Virtual Summit:
Redefine Best in a World of Change—Full show (47:28)

Successfully navigating current business challenges requires a reimagined approach, agility, and confidence. Finance leaders spanning multiple industries share their newest and best strategies for facilitating change.

Catholic Relief Services redefines purpose-driven finance and operations (7:51)

Catholic Relief Services puts the right systems in place to maximize the positive impact of their services as well as engage with their donors and other external stakeholders.

Pamela Rucker redefines finance with the power of the triple bottom line (2:17)

Pamela Rucker, an instructor at Harvard Professional Development shares how to deliver triple bottom line results through the partnership of people and technology. Emotional motivators were discussed by Scott Magids and team in Harvard Business Review Source: Scott Magids. The New Science of Customer Emotions. Harvard Business Review

Spend less time analyzing and more time acting on opportunities (2:27)

Predictive cash forecasting capabilities within Oracle Cloud Applications allow finance and treasury to automate cash management and forecasting in real-time. So finance professionals can spend less time analyzing and more time acting on opportunities.

Argent Energy redefines sustainability leadership (8:08)

Dickon Posnett of Argent Energy shares how cloud technology has helped them navigate uncertainty and become leaders in renewable energy.

KPMG redefines the role of the CFO (2:14)

Finance and operations roles are evolving and have greater systemic impact to organizations worldwide. This shift represents an opportunity to make positive impact on your organization. Learn from Sanjay Sehgal, Advisory Head of Markets for KPMG who shares his insights on the new role of the CFO.

Uber Freight redefines supply chain leadership (7:48)

Uber Freight helps its customers predict and respond to supply chain disruptions. Learn from Bill Driegert, Co-founder and Head of Operations at Uber Freight as he shares how real-time communications, and the right technology were key to overcoming extreme supply chain challenges.

Reach financial harmonization and grow with confidence (2:13)

Oracle Fusion Cloud Accounting Hub unifies company wide accounting and improves reporting, planning, analysis, and global compliance allowing finance professionals to spend more time on achieving strategic goals.

Johnson Controls enhances their business with a diverse workforce (8:20)

Johnson Controls knows that leaders who show up as their authentic selves engage their employees, gain loyalty from their customers and help ignite a culture of innovation within their business. Having a diverse workforce redefines business by tapping into the best human capital capabilities to achieve big goals.

Keep your supply chain resilient with agile supplier management (2:09)

Managing risk is critical to your supply chain and supplier relationships. Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement rigorously manages suppliers, sources intelligently and leverages AI and natural language processing to provide real-time insight into performance.

Redefine Best in a World of Change

To be the best in business, you have to:
- Manage your business responsibly and sustainably
- Engage and inspire your employees
- Predict and respond to supply chain disruptions
- Exceed every customer expectation

You need to create a culture of continuous innovation, where you can identify and solve every business problem fast.

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