Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
Networking and Security

4 May 2023, Original Broadcast

Security, predictability, and control make Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) the ideal platform for VMware. What are some architectural considerations you need to take when deploying Networking and Security services for your VMware workloads running on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS)?

Join us in this upcoming webcast to hear some insights from our solution experts and see a live demo of how workloads can benefit from the best of both VMware platform and OCI native platform services for enhancing the network and security posture.


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Expert Insights into OCVS

Networking and Security Services Deep-Dive on OCVS

OCVS Use-Cases Walkthrough

Live Demo – Networking and Security Posture Enhancement with OCVS

Event Speakers

Santhosh Devaraju
Santhosh Devaraju OCVS Business Development
Barjinder Singh
Barjinder Singh Master Principal Cloud Architect
Karthik Mani
Karthik Mani Principal Cloud Architect – Security