Financial Services Human Capital Management

Your people are the face of your brand. Find the right talent, align them to your business strategies, manage compliance requirements, and build the skills and environment they need to be successful.

Ebook: How financial services firms can use technology to invest in their people

Find out how you can reap the rewards technology brings to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Discover best practices for boosting the banking employee experience. (PDF)

There are five best practices for boosting the banking employee experience to propel customer engagement.

Adapt your workforce to a digital future

Unify your HR processes and employee experience from hire to retire

Plan, manage, and optimize your people processes with one common data source. Build global consistency at every stage of the employee lifecycle, while configuring workflows to meet your needs and localizing user interfaces.

Explore Oracle Human Resources

Quickly onboard new employees and keep them engaged and growing their careers

Adapt your HR practices to a new generation of team members. Deliver an experience that is personalized, contextual, guided, and accessible from anywhere. From their first day on the job, give your people a single location where they can find answers and grow their careers.

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Find candidates who will accelerate the change you want in your business

Create simple, friendly experiences for candidates to apply for jobs. Use AI-guided digital assistants to instantly answer their questions. Identify the best-fit talent with automatic recommendations of those candidates whose profiles match both the job requisition and the profiles of successful employees in similar roles.

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Improve decision-making with a single data source for all of your people

Financial institutions have diverse human resources needs, with regional and global workforces. Centralize HR operations across the business with a single source of truth, making it easier to take a consistent approach to your workforce decisions and quickly plan and restructure as conditions change.

Explore Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

“With Oracle Cloud HCM we moved to a global and standardized HR function…to significantly enhance strategic workforce planning and talent management.”

Alessandro Protasoni

Head of Group Strategic Workforce Planning, Assicurazioni Generali

Acquire and grow the right talent to build the culture you want

Identify your best talent and nurture their growth

Continuously develop your people and help them grow their careers by making career path options more visible through self-service tools. Look ahead to your future talent needs and surface talent gaps.

Explore Talent Management

Meet industry compliance requirements

Automate data analyses and exception workflows needed to satisfy data privacy regulations such as GDPR, end insider threats such as payroll fraud, and address risk and compliance mandates. Track training and certifications of key employees, based on their job responsibilities.

Explore Advanced HCM Controls (3:23)

Build a customer-obsessed culture

With higher customer expectations and new competition, financial services organizations are shifting their employees’ focus to an end-to-end customer experience. Set objectives that reflect your top priorities and align individual goals and performance measurement to them.

Explore HCM Performance Management (PDF)

Get your employees’ questions answered faster

Make it easy for your associates to get answers to HR questions. Use Oracle Cloud HCM’s conversational user experience to handle most questions and make updates without human intervention.

Explore HR Self-Service

Keep your workforce safe and productive

Simplify case management for workplace safety incidents. Let associates report issues through the channel of their choice.

Explore Oracle Workplace Health and Safety
Arizona Federal Credit Union cuts first-year turnover for new hires by 44%
Generali streamlines workforce planning for 76,000 employees globally with Oracle
Schroders delivers global talent reviews for the first time and achieves a 97% completion rate
Gallagher gets on track to save 30% on its overall HR tech costs over five years
Ria Money Transfer makes better HR decisions with a global view of employee data

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Gartner positions Oracle Cloud HCM as a Leader

Oracle named a Leader for the fifth consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites for 1,000+ Employee Enterprises.

Easily configure HR processes to your needs

Design and configure your HR workflows to support specific business needs, without the help of IT.