POS Integrations for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés

Our cloud APIs give operators the flexibility and agility needed to quickly adapt to changing business needs and new customer trends.

With direct integrations to popular delivery service providers, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and DoorDash, Simphony subscribers can improve their new customer acquisition without sacrificing operational efficiency. Schedule a free consultation to find the perfect combination of POS system integrations for your restaurant.

Own your partner ecosystem with our open API and robust partner integration network.

Oracle MICROS Simphony POS Integrations

Now more than ever, restaurateurs must be capable of adapting to new dining trends and technologies in real time. Oracle MICROS Simphony is an open integration, easy-to-use POS data platform that helps restaurateurs adapt, save time, manage operations, and deliver the best possible service. Popular integrations include:

  • Online ordering platforms
  • Third-party delivery programs
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Mobile payments
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Inventory management systems
  • Multilocation menu management
  • Restaurant reservation management
  • Employee scheduling and labor management
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Restaurant Point of Sale Integrations

3C Payment

3C Payment provides credit-card payment solutions for restaurants, bars, and quick-service outlets.


Adyen offers frictionless payment, checkout, and managed risk solutions across online and in-store channels.


Aigens is a leader in mobile, online, and kiosk ordering solutions for restaurants and hotels.

AppSuite CRM

AppSuite brings mobile apps, ordering, delivery, marketing, and loyalty tools together for restaurants.


As mobile and web orders flow into Simphony, Bluedot provides guest's estimated time of arrival in real-time.


Deliverect connects Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and more delivery platforms directly to the restaurant POS system.

Deliveroo Marketplace

We deliver your takeouts or essential groceries from the best-rated local partners straight to your door.

DoorDash Marketplace

DoorDash ensures every order is accurate, fresh, and on time, every time.


Eigen helps restaurants offer frictionless ordering for take-out, delivery, room service, and dine-in.


Elavon helps restaurants accept contactless, secure, and reliable payments in the guest's own currency.

Glovo Marketplace

Glovo is the food delivery site that will get you anything you want to your doorstep.


Olo powers fully branded guest interfaces and back of house order management features.

Paytronix Loyalty

The Paytronix loyalty marketing solution enables restaurateurs to create their best rewards programs.

Pej Loyalty

Think of Pej as a waiter that is always present and ready for your customers, both on and off premises.


QikServe provide the fastest way to roll out a highly scalable self-order and pay kiosk solution.

Rappi Marketplace

Driving development by connecting people. Our technology provides solutions that allow local commerce to thrive.


SEVENROOMS boosts bottom lines with direct reservations, guest profiles, POS integration, and seating management.

Skip the Dishes Marketplace

Get the food you want delivered, fast. Order food delivery and takeout from the best restaurants near you.

SoundHound for Restaurants

Streamline processes and serve up efficient, hands-free restaurant voice ordering experiences.


TableCheck is a complete restaurant reservation and customer management system. It includes table management, online booking, and more.


Tacit provides mobile app, web ordering, kiosk, and other self-service channel support for restaurants.


Tapin2 offers mobile, portable, and self-service support for merchandise, general concessions, and suites.

Uber Marketplace

Order food to your door. You want it. We get it. Food, drinks, groceries, and more available for delivery and pickup.

Yellow Dog Inventory

Yellow Dog offers inventory management, recipe, and reporting tools for restaurants.

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