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Capital Program Management: Project Controls and Facilities Management

Maximize your capital budget by leveraging data and insights to ensure you’re prioritizing the projects that best align with your organizational goals. Execute projects successfully using standardized systems and processes and leverage cross-project oversight to keep your entire portfolio of projects on track while efficiently maintaining all your built assets.

Get up and running quickly with more than 55 preconfigured processes.

Improve capital program and asset management

Standardize and automate cost management. Strengthen forecasting accuracy, contract administration, cash flow control, and funding management. Optimize all phases of your project and asset lifecycle, and maximize your capital budget.

Standardized portfolio planning

Primavera Unifier supports standardized portfolio planning and project selection by using relevant current and past project data to ensure consistent alignment between capital programs and organizational goals.

Complete project controls

Primavera Unifier provides robust cost controls, including forecasting, cash flow and funding management, organizationwide contract and risk management, and schedule milestone tracking based on Oracle Primavera Scheduling.

Facilities and asset management

Primavera Unifier’s facilities management solution administers tasks, including service requests, preventive and corrective maintenance, inventory, inspections, and facility condition assessments, while supporting audits and automating reporting.

Form-based flexible workflows

Primavera Unifier’s form-based workflows enable intelligent approval cycles, including tying multiple workflows to one business process, rerouting workflows for subsequent reviews, and dynamic routing.

Extensive integration ready options

Primavera Unifier has mature APIs, Oracle middleware, and 150 proven integrations—spanning more than 20 years—with major ERP and cost systems, as well as native integrations with Primavera scheduling solutions.

Preconfigured connected processes

Built on decades of experience and industry best practices, Primavera Unifier Essentials is a preconfigured solution that integrates planning, cost, contract, schedule milestone, risk, and workflow management.

Contract and change management

Primavera Unifier brings contract and change management together, improving visibility into the impacts of changes, reducing errors caused by manual entry, and speeding up administration to keep projects on track.

Cost and schedule management

Integrated cost and schedule management increases budget and forecast accuracy, improves project progress tracking, shows the impact of changes on costs and schedules, and helps verify work completion across your portfolio.

Contract management

Automate management of your organizationwide supply chain to leverage total demand. Cost codes align contracts with the cost sheet for a seamless flow of real-time information, helping to prevent errors and misalignment.

Funding management

Manage multiple funding sources and their terms and allocation. Ensure funding is being allocated appropriately and optimally, and easily make updates and provide required reporting.


Use actuals from relevant current and past projects to increase forecast accuracy, helping you to build trust and increase your project approval rate.


Implement schedule-based cash flow to see how your project is progressing against forecast and over time. This ongoing visibility into progress helps highlight issues in a timely manner and prevents surprises.

Preventive maintenance

Use alerts and tracking to proactively manage maintenance and repair cycles. Prevent costly emergency repairs, replacements, and interruptions. Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tracking.

Warranty management

Make sure all warranty information is collected and made available to operations. By ensuring all eligible repairs are made under warranty, you can realize significant savings can be realized.

Work order processing

Improve internal customer satisfaction by automating work order tracking, assignments, and sign-offs.

Inventory management

Manage your material inventory by SKU or list of materials by location. Inventory is dynamically updated when new material is purchased and received or consumed. Automate inventory management to save time and improve accuracy.

Los Angeles County Sanitation decreases workflow time by 50% with Primavera Unifier.
The University of Connecticut produces quarterly reports in just 30 minutes using Primavera Unifier
John Wayne Airport cuts approval cycles in half using Primavera Unifier
Ashghal resolves engineering issues in a few days instead of weeks using Primavera Unifier
MTIA achieved more than 90% of their targeted benefits within two months of implementing Primavera Unifier

Cost and contract management benefits

Automating and integrating cost and contract management helps you more accurately forecast, gain more visibility into cashflow against plan, manage multiple funding sources, and speed up change and contract administration.

01Forecast management benefits

Use past and current actuals from relevant projects to inform and improve forecast accuracy and raise project approval rates.

Read the Primavera Unifier Project Controls datasheet

02Cashflow management benefits

Bring together data from your cost sheet and schedule milestones to monitor project health based on actual cashflow over time compared to plan.

Read the integrated cost and schedule management ebook

03Funding management benefits

Manage multiple funding sources to ensure funds are allocated properly, time periods are adhered to, and required reporting is accurate and in compliance.

Learn how the University of Connecticut improved project delivery

04Contract and change management benefits

Combine contract and change management to increase control over your commits. Reduce the time it takes to make change-based contract updates.

See how Assystem sped up change and contract approval (1:59)

How leading organizations around the world are using capital program savings to their competitive advantage

Janet Poses, Product Marketing Director, Oracle

Learn how leaders have leveraged their capital programs as an opportunity to ensure organizational stability and competitive advantage in industries including oil and gas, retail, hospitality, education, utilities, healthcare, and renewables.

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Additional capital program and project controls resources

Project controls for private owners

Industry leaders focus on people, processes, and technology. Learn how they speed up processes by as much as 90% using flexible, scalable solutions.

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Project controls for the public sector

Use organizational structure, standardization, business process automation, and centralized cloud-based technology to effectively manage program execution.

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Get control with integrated cost and schedule management

Integrated cost and schedule management improves forecasting accuracy and project and program progress tracking. Increase visibility into cashflow over time, and streamline contract and change management.

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Transforming a country’s infrastructure

Ashghal helps assure the success of the largest infrastructure program in the Middle East by standardizing on an integrated Oracle platform that includes Primavera Unifier, Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, and Oracle Business Intelligence.

Watch the Ashghal video (1:40)

Maximize the value of your capital program

Accenture discusses the importance of transparency, process standardization, and data to support project selection, execution, and operations.

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