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Extract Deeper, Faster Insight with Modern Risk and Finance

Gain confidence in an ever-evolving business environment to proactively strengthen risk and performance strategies.

Transform Financial Reporting

Enable Better Insights

Deliver better, actionable insight with a unified data model

Financial institutions and industry experts, recognize Oracle Data Management as the industry-leading solution to integrate risk and finance data. Unlock business value across the organization when using a single source of truth to manage financial analytics.

Optimize reward versus risk with accurate, up-to-date financial information

Identify areas for growth and devise strategies for cost-reduction with accurate and timely financial statements. Gain a single, transparent data model and modern platform shared across risk and performance applications that delivers real-time, actionable insight.

Identify the most profitable customers, products, and organizations in your portfolio

Gain adaptive, actionable insight with a comprehensive view of financial performance across multiple dimensions. With a unified data model covering bank ledger, management ledger, and other allocated line items, you gain robust analytics to drive real-time insight.

Drive performance with integrated risk and finance

Adapt to rapidly changing business or regulatory requirements with confidence using a unified data model and future-proof platform. Produce consistent, accurate reporting with an integrated infrastructure, linking data, models, systems, and processes between risk and finance.

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Access timely resources to better manage your financial performance

Future-Proof Accounting: Insurance Contracts

Future-Proof Accounting: Insurance Contracts

IFRS 17 brings major changes to data, processes, and systems for insurance companies. As you prepare strategies to quickly and efficiently meet the new accounting standard, choose a modern approach that accurately incorporates risk into the accounting and reporting process.

data management guide

Extract More Value From Your Data

Since the last two economic cycles, the role of meaningful, actionable data has been essential to financial health, stability, and growth. Remain resilient with increased data transparency across the organization for a single source of truth to ensure completeness, accuracy, and financial integrity.

reimagine 360 view of customer

Imagine a 360-degree view of your customer

Disparate customer insight continues to proliferate in financial institutions. Don’t get caught up in the patchwork of point solutions that are difficult to manage and cannot maintain the varying data formats. Access real-time, actionable insight to optimize your customer relationships and profitability.

ALCO: Oracle’s Bank Treasury Risk Management Magazine

Data Insights

In this regulation-heavy and capital-constrained post-crash era, the asset and liability committee (ALCO) is a bank’s most important risk-management organization. Read ALCO and get the latest views on risk, regulatory, and finance issues as well as financial markets developments that will shape best practices in bank balance sheet risk management.

Assist your ALCO team to establish and implement its long term ‘strategic ALM’ vision.

Although it’s been a decade since the global financial crisis, banks still face challenges in establishing long-term profitable balance sheet models that serve the parallel needs of customers, shareholders, and regulators. With so many headwinds—whether regulatory pressures, the strained global interest rate environment, or intense competition within the industry and from new entrants—banks are redoubling their efforts to try and deliver ROE numbers, similar to those seen during pre-crisis years.

To achieve this objective, banks realize it cannot be delivered using the historical reactive approach and now accept that a far more proactive stance to balance sheet management by the treasury, risk, and finance triumvirate is needed. To fulfill those balance sheet visions will require questioning the status quo and the willingness to explore new approaches and perspectives across the ALM discipline.

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Customer Success Stories

ICICI Bank logo

Learn How this Premiere Private Bank in India Gained Near Real-Time Visibility into the Equation Between Growth, Risk, and Capital



“The single biggest learning that we had from this data transformation is to take your data really seriously and use this opportunity to make your data sourcing as simple as possible.”
A R Ganesh, General Manager, ICICI
Raymond James logo

Discover How Raymond James Looked Differently at Data Models and Data Sets to Develop a Sound Data Governance Program


Raymond James

“We knew that if we put our data quality and customer data into the Oracle AML model, we would then be able to use that for our regulatory reporting and further enhance our general ledger.”
David Lesser, SVP, Raymond James
Raiffeisen Bank International logo

Raiffeisen Bank International Leverages Oracle Financial Services Profitability Solution Across 14 Different Banks in Central and Eastern Europe, with Exceptional Processing Times


Raiffeisen Bank International

“By migrating our OFSAA instances to an Oracle Exadata platform, what we could see is that the calculation times have halved now compared to the previous installations.”
Vanja Tokic, Head of IT Delivery Controlling, Raiffeisen Bank International
AsiaRisk/Oracle Survey Report

Using data and innovation to drive business insights

The APAC-wide survey examines more than 150 banking Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Risk Officers (CRO) and other executives in key data roles and examines the state of integrated finance and how banks use data for business insights and to react to rapid changes in the regulatory environment. and Oracle Survey

FRTB Readiness: Examining the Potential Pitfalls Ahead

This survey addresses the key challenges of the fundamental review of the trading book (FRTB) implementation and compliance. It further examines the complexity of managing and collecting all the data required to adequately comply with the FRTB rules.


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