Deliver Connected Corporate Banking

Banks operating in today’s sophisticated financial environment are facing increased challenges when meeting the needs of hyperscale corporate customers. Oracle's Corporate Banking solution simplifies the landscape by enabling banks to offer pervasive, instantaneous solutions that enable collaboration with ecosystem players.


Optimize corporate financing and mitigate business risks

Gain support for the entire credit and loan lifecycle, from customer onboarding to credit management and loan processing. Meet all types of financing needs and participate in syndication and secondary loan trading to balance loan portfolios. Lower credit risk and optimize credit and loans at every stage of your customer’s business.

Offer real-time cash and liquidity management

Enable corporate customers to gain real-time visibility into their global cash and liquidity position, and help them manage working capital more effectively. Easily define complex account structures for corporate customers operating in sophisticated group structures.

Enable smarter trade finance operations

Manage a wide array of trade finance products such as guarantees, documentary credit, bills, and documentary collections with predefined, automated process workflows and user-modifiable process workflows.

Engage digitally with corporate customers in real time, scale operations rapidly, and gain end-to-end visibility into customers’ trade finance transactions.

Manage deal pricing with predictive capabilities

Increase profits by enabling relationship managers to optimize the deal process, control price erosion, and consistently make better pricing decisions on every negotiation.

Provide corporate customers with a truly omnichannel banking experience

Oracle Banking Digital Experience enables banks to offer corporate banking customers a channel experience on par with retail banking.

Corporate customers can approve transactions on the go via wearables or mobile. Persona-based dashboards are custom-designed to fulfill requirements of corporate executives, approvers, and financial controllers.

Build successful relationships with corporates and accelerate innovation

Oracle Banking provides an extensive set of ready-to-deploy corporate banking APIs. Instantly leverage an open-banking technology framework and eliminate the cost, time, and effort of building APIs from scratch. Built on RESTful services, the API framework can be deployed in days and readily connected with existing systems at the front and back end.

Industry Report

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Corporate Banking Resources

Understand how Oracle offers comprehensive capabilities across deposits, loans, trade finance, liquidity, and payments to meet global corporate customers' needs.