Oracle Retail Supply Chain

Retail Supply Chain - Omnichannel Supply Chain

Build an efficient, customer-centric, omnichannel supply chain.

Single View of Demand

Managing your retail supply chain effectively can be worth several percentage points of profitability. It can be the difference between omnichannel supply chain success and failure. Oracle Retail's supply chain solutions empower retailers to plan and execute supply chain management strategies that anticipate consumer demand across selling channels and stores with embedded science and simplify operations by managing exceptions. Our transparent approach promotes collaboration across your supply chain network and inspires consumer trust.

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Are you planning or reacting? Do you have total transparency into inventory, demand, and product source?

Align planning decisions to demand and optimize your omnichannel supply chain to drive profitability, improve transparency, and inspire consumer trust.

  • Use retail science to proactively place inventory in the right place in the right quantity, improve forecast accuracy, and reduce manual processes
  • Balance the risk and reward of bringing products to market quickly and manage recalls swiftly with a real-time audit trail of every product from source to shelf
  • Consider future assortment changes, inventory positions, pricing, and promotions, and combine these influences with historical data to create an informed forecast

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