GoldenGate Free

Oracle GoldenGate Free is the same, powerful Oracle GoldenGate that businesses throughout the world rely on for real-time fault-tolerant database replication. It provides all the features of the licensed GoldenGate product, as well as a recipe-driven user interface to easily create and manage replication pipelines. GoldenGate Free deploys from a Docker container onto laptops, on-premises, or any cloud—for free.

Oracle GoldenGate Free Overview
Oracle GoldenGate Free overview (3:04)

What’s included in GoldenGate Free?

GoldenGate Free 23c includes all the functionality of GoldenGate 23c and also features the following enhancements:

  • Simpler setup for bidirectional replication

    New, recipe-driven setup includes bidirectional replication pipelines reduces implementation time and errors. Synchronizing changed data across data sources is a mission-critical requirement.

  • Easier operational administration

    A new, unified user experience and increased automation across runtime functions simplifies administration.

  • Certified with Database 23c

    Provides replication support for all new Oracle Database 23c objects and data types including blockchain, immutable tables, Boolean data type, 4K columns, and SQL domains. GoldenGate Free also works with Database 23c—Developer Release.

  • Deep observability and diagnostics

    Improved runtime health checks, logging, alerts, and Telegraf and AWR integration enable easier manageability and improved reliability, throughput, and performance.

Why use Oracle GoldenGate Free?

Looking to manage real-time, fault-tolerant data movement? Learn more about database replication using Oracle GoldenGate Free.

  • GoldenGate is the most reliable way to move data between Oracle Databases. Now, you can use it for free.

  • Educators and students can gain experience with best-in-class CDC database replication.

  • Developers and data architects can rapidly prototype the most complex and diverse use cases with templates for rapid pipeline creation and automation of entire replication lifecycle.

  • DBAs and DevOps can ensure fault-tolerant data movement and minimize impact on source systems during capture and extracts.

  • Everyone can appreciate the value of real-time data capture versus traditional scheduled ETL and the positive impact on business operations, decision-making, and AI/ML training.

What analysts are saying about GoldenGate Free

Read what industry analysts are saying about the free version of GoldenGate.

September 21, 2023

Oracle GoldenGate Free 23c with Oracle Database 23c

Shrinidhi Kulkarni, Principal Solution Engineer, Solution Engineering Team, Oracle

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