Java ME Embedded

An open and cross-industry platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) that helps customers decrease time to market, manage costs, and deliver new capabilities for embedded devices.

Enables M2M Technology in Small Embedded Devices

  • Overview

    Ready-to-run client Java runtime stack optimized for embedded systems.

    Foundation for downstream specialization, customization, and development.

    Functionality for 24x7 operations, remote manageability, and connectivity.

    Reference implementations for evaluation and prototyping on industry standard devices and chipset types.

    Market-leading embedded chip architecture support.

  • Benefits

    Robust runtime for unmonitored 24x7 operation and failure recovery.

    Remote manageability and monitoring.

    Post-deployment software updates and management.

    Ease of communication and integration.

    Ability to support value-add services.

Telit Brings Internet of Things Technology Faster to the Automotive Market and Other Industrial Sectors Thanks to Embedded Software Platform

Oracle Java SE Embedded and Oracle Java ME Embedded are the perfect platform for our 3G and 4G wireless IoT communication modules. Oracle Java Embedded meets the needs of the embedded market by delivering low cost and fast development requirements. Java also provides a superior development environment and runtime platform, enabling reduced time to market, full application portability and the unlimited scalability that IoT demands. By delivering the Java virtual machine inside our high-speed communication modules, we empower our customers to focus their resources on creating innovative IoT and M2M solutions while reducing total cost of ownership.

Felix Marchal, Chief Product Officer, Telit

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