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Oracle Supply Planning

Plan and manage material and capacity across your plants, distribution centers, suppliers, and contract manufacturer partners in discrete, process, and project-based manufacturing operations.

Improve operational efficiency with Oracle Supply Planning.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Planning

Make better decisions—faster

Identify demand risk and evaluate the impact of demand changes on supply.

Unify planning to reduce cycle time

Use a single application to plan supply, production, inventory, and sales order backlog.

Balance global demand and supply

Proactively revise plans to address shortages and overloads based on the latest data from across the supply chain.

Align enterprise business segments

Reduce cost to serve, buffer variability, and stockouts by aligning business segment plans using a common supply network.

Honor customer commitments

Prioritize, simulate, and reschedule open orders based on the latest supply availability.

Maximize shop floor throughput

Develop high-quality, executable intraday factory schedules for your daily supply plans that maximize asset and component utilization.

Plan across all supply chain tiers

Manage material and capacity across plants, distribution centers, suppliers, and contract manufacturers.

Develop constrained plans

Automatically select alternate resources and components to reduce lead time and capacity constraints.

Handle diverse production and fulfillment needs

Plan process, discrete, configure-to-order, and outsourced production, as well as drop ship and back-to-back fulfillment.

Analyze overall plan performance

Get at-a-glance aggregate and detailed summaries of revenue, margin, demand, supply, resource utilization, changeover time, and other metrics.

Diagnose root causes

Use guided navigation to drill down to details and perform cause-and-effect analysis of problems.

Answer ad hoc questions

Easily configure analytics to visualize issues, highlight exceptions, and focus on what matters.

Simulate solutions to critical problems

Simulate the impact of demand, supply, capacity, and item structure changes to prevent disruptions.

Identify plan changes

Review and collaborate on plan changes with internal and external stakeholders.

Instantly execute the new plan

Execute ready-to-build orders, and release purchase and transfer recommendations.

Efficiently manage the order backlog

Minimize the cost of fulfilling the most urgent demand while maximizing shipments to meet revenue targets.

Dynamically reschedule production to reduce delays

Instantly respond to machine outages, labor shortages, material delays, and changing order priorities. Release adjusted schedules for shop floor execution as needed throughout the day.

Improve production efficiency

Schedule production during the day to maximize use of bottleneck resources and available components. Reduce work in process inventory, waste, and expedites. Visualize how work order operations are allocated to resources. Drag and drop to simulate the best response to issues or changes, and release schedules for execution in real time.

Create high quality, executable schedules

Use real-time resource availability and work orders in Oracle Cloud Manufacturing to create feasible schedules that take the latest material, capacity, and calendar constraints into account.

Optimize changeovers to minimize downtime

Increase throughput and asset utilization with schedules that make efficient changeovers based on your industry attributes, minimizing idle time.

Resolve shop floor bottlenecks

Schedule work order operations with your desired attribute sequence to maximize the efficiency of your production lines. Reduce bottlenecks by offloading to alternate resources.

Simulate the impact of schedule changes

Easily inspect schedules and analyze production issues in a visual Gantt chart. Make drag and drop adjustments and edit dispatch lists as necessary. Run quick, in-line simulations and what-ifs to resolve issues.

Minimize the effect of unplanned downtime

Run and repair schedules dynamically to deal with unexpected machine outages, labor shortages, material delays, and changes in order priorities. Release adjusted schedules as needed during the day for instant shop floor execution.

Proactively monitor your shop floor

Evaluate how your factory is scheduled at a glance, with interactive analytics that reveal insights about changeover time, resource utilization, and late orders.

Intelligently manage open orders

Prioritize your open orders to reduce delivery delays, increase sales, or achieve margin targets when supply or demand changes. Simulate multiple fulfillment alternatives, and select those that best meet your business objectives.

React intelligently to supply and demand changes

Use available supply to schedule new orders and reduce delays while respecting existing promise dates.

Fulfill the most important orders first

Prioritize orders in the backlog using flexible business rules that maximize order revenue, margin, and service.

Solve sourcing and fulfillment problems

Model what-if changes to sourcing, transit mode, and shipping constraints to respond quickly and find the best solutions.

Perform what-if order planning

Simulate the scheduling and availability impact of a potential order on the rest of the backlog.

Supply Planning customer successes

Customers across a wide range of industries use Oracle Supply Planning to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

ResMed Improves Customer Service with Oracle Cloud Supply Planning

Oracle Supply Planning use cases

  • Plan for multiple manufacturing and fulfillment methods

    Oracle Cloud Supply Planning delivers robust planning features for a wide variety of manufacturing strategies—from build-to-forecast to engineer-to-order—and any type of fulfillment method.

    Watch the video (2:28)

  • Manage your order backlog

    Fill your most important orders first. Dynamically prioritize and reschedule your open orders to meet reduce your delivery delays, achieve your margin targets, and keep your customers happy.

    How to fulfill your most important orders first

  • Collaborate with internally and external suppliers and partners

    Effectively plan across today’s complex, multi-tiered supply chains. Align your plan with external suppliers and contract manufactures to execute your operations strategy.

    LiDestri Innovates with Oracle Planning Cloud (1:50)

  • Understand the impact of proposed plan changes

    Determine the global impact of changes and reduce disruptions. Evaluate the impact of changes, automatically considering business urgency and ease of execution.

    TaylorMade drives customer service higher with Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

March 14, 2019

Hach Connects Its Global Supply Chain to Boost Customer Experience

By Ankit Tiwari, Director, Supply Chain Consulting, Tata Consultancy Services

Most companies strive to be “customer centric” but few consider how their supply chain can contribute to their customer focus. The fact is, your supply chain—that part of your business that makes and delivers products—plays a huge role in your customers’ experience.

Read the complete post

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