Oracle Cloud@Customer

Oracle Cloud@Customer brings Oracle’s complete portfolio of public cloud infrastructure, fully managed cloud services, and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications into your data center. It enables you to run applications faster and lower your costs using the same high-performance capabilities, autonomous operations, and low-cost subscription pricing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You get all this while maintaining complete control of your data so you can address data residency, security, and connectivity concerns.

Oracle Cloud@Customer
Clay Magouyrk introduces powerful, new, and updated cloud services for your data center

Be among the first to hear news announcements and product insights from Oracle’s executive vice president for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Tune in and learn about the latest advancements in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, and more.

Gartner: Oracle offers customers the first full on-premises public cloud experience

Read the blog post by Gartner Distinguished VP and Analyst Lydia Leong to learn why Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is the first offering to deliver a full public cloud experience in customer data centers.

Edward Screven introduces Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer to run OCI Compute anywhere

Learn how Oracle’s latest distributed cloud platform lets you run cloud native and traditional applications in your data center using the same OCI compute services, storage services, and cloud automation available in OCI regions. Find out how this rack-scale platform lets you run applications at scale, enable low-latency connections, and meet data residency requirements.

The Cloud@Customer difference

The full Oracle public cloud experience

Oracle is the only cloud provider that lets you run all OCI services and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications in your data center. Oracle Cloud@Customer enables you to consolidate applications and databases on high-performance cloud infrastructure without moving to the public cloud. Reliably run your Oracle and third-party applications, create cloud native applications, and upgrade existing ones with machine learning and modern cloud services.

Analyst report: Oracle brings its complete public cloud to on-premises (PDF)

Video: Introducing Cloud@Customer solutions (2:00)

Autonomous Database and operations

Oracle Cloud@Customer gives you autonomous capabilities that reduce the complexity of managing on-premises databases and operations. Running Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer automates database management and tuning tasks, eliminating the need for your operations team to patch, provision, and upgrade database software and platforms.

Analyst report: Bringing Oracle Autonomous Database Into the Data Center with Oracle Cloud@Customer (PDF)

Video: Oman ICT Group Moves to Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer (2:06)

Data residency, security, and governance

Oracle Cloud@Customer enables you to meet demanding regulatory, data residency, and application latency requirements while using modern OCI services and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications in your data center. Increase control and governance of your data and operations with simplified and standardized operational policies.

Analyst blog post: Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer—Experience the cloud anywhere

Video: Australian Data Centres adopts Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer (3:00)

Higher performance and value for cloud workloads

Oracle Cloud@Customer lets you run SaaS, database, application, and HPC workloads with fully managed infrastructure in your data center.

Analyst report: Reimagining the data-driven bank (PDF)

Cloud@Customer product family

The complete public cloud experience in your data center

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is a completely managed cloud region that brings all of Oracle’s second-generation public cloud services and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications into your data center and runs them without data residency concerns. It enables autonomous operations that eliminate human error and maximizes the security of your data; delivers truly elastic and serverless services with the highest performance; and reduces your costs with low consumption-based cloud subscription pricing—all while meeting stringent latency requirements when connecting to existing data center resources.


– The exact same SLAs, APIs, and tools available in Oracle’s public cloud give you a truly consistent experience

– Support for Oracle Fusion SaaS applications such as ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX in your data center

– Everything, including the control plane, is located in your data centers for tight control over data residency and governance

– Low-latency interaction with your on-premises applications and databases


– Flexible configurations and low, consumption-based pricing for all infrastructure and platform cloud services lower your costs

– Cloud native services such as Container Engine for Kubernetes, Docker, and Bare Metal servers so you can easily create modern applications

– Extensive application, industry, and regulatory certifications in your data center

– Immediate availability of new capabilities and security updates in your data center once they are available for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Autonomous Database in your data center

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer combines all the benefits of having Exadata in customer data centers with the simplicity of an autonomous cloud service. It helps organizations meet strict data residency and security requirements, eliminate many manual database and infrastructure management tasks, and support mission-critical, on-premises applications with high Exadata performance. Coupling efficient resource utilization based on real-time workload requirements with pay-per-use subscription pricing and reduced database management allows organizations to lower operational costs.


– A complete and easy-to-use private database cloud allows developers to easily create modern applications for any workload with any type of data and using any development style

– Deployed in customer data centers and behind their firewalls to meet data residency, security, and latency concerns

– Concurrently run autonomous and non-autonomous databases on the same Exadata Cloud@Customer to increase consolidation efficiency and lower cost

– Machine learning–based automation of provisioning, configuring, and tuning simplifies operations and lowers management costs


– Automated error detection, correction, and patching reduces planned and unplanned downtime

– Machine learning–based threat detection and remediation helps secure mission-critical data

– Autoscaling databases without downtime enables a true pay-per-use database cloud

– High Exadata performance, scaling, and availability accelerate all workloads and enable efficient, cost-effective database and infrastructure consolidation

The power of Exadata cloud in customer data centers

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer combines the performance of Oracle Exadata with the simplicity, flexibility, and affordability of a managed database service delivered in customer data centers. It’s the simplest way to move current Oracle databases to the cloud because it provides full compatibility with existing Exadata systems and Exadata Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Organizations meet data residency, security, and low-latency connectivity requirements by concurrently running Autonomous Database Service and Exadata Database Service on Cloud@Customer infrastructure in their data centers.


– Securely deployed in customer data centers and behind their firewalls

– Subscription-based cloud database infrastructure with a choice of cost-effective, consumption-based pricing models reduces TCO

– Concurrently runs Exadata Database Service and the fully managed Autonomous Database Service, enabling more-efficient database consolidation and effective application development

– Infrastructure is owned and managed by Oracle, eliminating capital expenditures and reducing management costs

– Scalable infrastructure with independently configurable database VM clusters efficiently supports diverse database workloads and consolidation requirements


– Up to 763 TB of usable storage supports data-intensive workloads, including data warehouses with up to 6 PB of data compressed with Hybrid Columnar Compression

– SQL latency of under 19 microseconds and over 22M SQL IOPS accelerate OLTP applications and mixed workloads

– Up to 540 TB of scan throughput run analytics and machine learning workloads at peak performance

– Up to 992 database vCPUs with 11 TB of available memory enable high levels of database consolidation on highly available infrastructure

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer—Run OCI Compute anywhere

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is a fully managed, rack-scale distributed cloud platform that lets you use OCI computing, storage, and networking infrastructure services anywhere. Remotely managed by Oracle, it lets you gain the benefits of cloud automation and economics while meeting data residency requirements by controlling the location of your data and its processing. By running cloud native and traditional applications on the same fully managed cloud platform in your data center, you’ll need fewer resources and can easily move workloads to and from the cloud.

Distributed cloud

Run applications and middleware in a location of your choosing using OCI Compute, with the same storage, networking services, and management console as OCI regions.

Data residency and control

Maintain full control over your data’s location and always encrypt it to help meet data privacy and residency requirements.

Low latency

Deploy applications and data close to your customers or latency-sensitive data center resources to improve customer experiences and application performance.

Optimized infrastructure

Use scalable and cost-effective OCI Compute with flexible VM shapes, storage, and networking services, and consume only the amount you need.

Flexible application deployment

Develop and run cloud native and traditional applications using fast, scalable compute, storage, and networking infrastructure and different guest operating systems on different VMs.

Infrastructure as code

A single Terraform script can provision services and applications across your distributed Oracle Cloud using the same services and APIs as OCI.


Pay for only the resources you consume with flexible compute and storage subscriptions and a consumption-based pricing model.

Learn more about Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer
Deutsche Bank adopts Exadata Cloud@Customer for big cost savings

“Oracle fits into [our] strategy and complements our existing journey. There will be applications staying in the on-premises world, and we need to invest in simplifying them. It fully supports our cloud strategy, supports consuming technology as a service, and comes with significant financial benefits.”

Bernd Leukert
Head of Technology, Data and Innovation, Deutsche Bank

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) upgrades applications with modern cloud services while meeting local data residency requirements

“With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, we can use Oracle Exadata as a cloud service and achieve greater agility, such as seamless expansion, while maintaining high availability at the same level as on-premises. Built in our own datacenter, it enables us to not only provide SOC2 reports based on Japanese security standards in financial industries, but it also allows us to access broader cloud services and tools provided by Oracle and further increase our business value for our customers. With Oracle's Dedicated Region, we can significantly reduce our on-premises costs and invest more in our digital transformation.”

Tomoshiro Takemoto
Senior Corporate Managing Director, NRI

Texas A&M uses Oracle Exadata for faster performance

“In the early 1990s, there were a bunch of databases and other platforms. Oracle Database had the best database offering in the market. We selected Oracle, and we selected well. I want to work with quality tools, and this is one of them.”

Leonarda Horvat
Director of Research Information Systems, Texas A&M University

Sultanate of Oman strengthens digital economy with Oracle Dedicated Region

“Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer enables a variety of use cases, from migrating Oracle ERP and CRM applications to deploying custom developed applications using Oracle Database, as well as implementing Digital Innovation Services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data) and High-Performance Computing (HPC), all while following the country regulations regarding data sovereignty.”

Said Al-Mandhari
CEO, Oman ICT Group

Samsung SDS innovates with 300 Oracle Exadata systems

“We have implemented nearly 300 Exadata systems for our customers in manufacturing, financial services, construction and engineering, and public and private sector services. Aligning with our digital innovation strategy and our journey to enterprise cloud, we have now adopted the first Exadata Cloud@Customer in one of our data centers and look forward to deploying Oracle Autonomous Database.”

Dr. WP Hong
CEO, Samsung SDS

LALUX innovates and maintains data sovereignty using Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

“We were dealing with Solvency II, cloud guidelines IT governance, GDPR, and more. Staying compliant with these rules consumes an important part of the budget and workload at the expense of innovation projects. However, a generation of new technology, especially around data, represents a huge opportunity for LALUX as an innovation enabler.”

Vincent Arnal
Head of IT Department, LALUX

Cloud@Customer use cases

  • Meet demanding data residency requirements while using the public cloud in your data center

    Oracle Cloud@Customer enables you to run mission-critical applications and databases with cloud services while maintaining full control over data residency in the security of your data center.

    Read Gartner’s analysis

  • Consolidate applications on dedicated cloud infrastructure in your data center

    Concurrently run autonomous and non-autonomous databases on the same Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to improve operational efficiency costs for all types of database workloads.

    Read IDC’s analysis (PDF)

  • Run your portfolio of IT workloads on a single tenant, flexible cloud infrastructure

    Oracle Cloud@Customer enables customers, like sovereign nations, to run an entire IT portfolio on a single-tenant cloud infrastructure with physical control of infrastructure and data to help meet the most demanding data residency requirements. It simplifies your move to the cloud with low-latency connectivity to your existing data center resources and the same high-performance Oracle Exadata capabilities you're used to.

  • Run Oracle Fusion SaaS applications in your data center

    Oracle Cloud@Customer enables you to run Oracle Fusion SaaS applications such as ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX applications in the security of your data center to eliminate data residency and security concerns and simplify data governance.

    Learn more about Oracle SaaS applications

  • Modernize your database operations to reduce human errors

    Oracle Autonomous Database on Cloud@Customer provides advanced machine-learning-based database lifecycle automation capabilities that eliminate manual tasks. This allows your IT teams to spend up to 90% of their time on transformative initiatives, improve your database performance by up to 4X compared to other cloud services, and remove many potential sources of human error in your data center.

    Read the Constellation Research analysis (PDF)

August 9, 2023

Introducing Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer

Jason Schaffer, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

With Compute Cloud@Customer, you can cost-effectively run middleware and applications with high performance, availability, and cloud economics. Located in your data center or distributed data centers, it helps you meet data residency requirements and the need to distribute cloud resources close to end users.

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