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Leverage the convenience, security, and scalability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deploy managed virtual desktops and access them from anywhere. Virtual desktops enable a standardized, controlled, and supportable experience at low administration costs.

Why choose a virtual desktop on OCI?


Protect access to your company resources and information from unauthorized parties. Running a virtual desktop on OCI keeps the data within OCI; only a view into the desktop is displayed remotely.


OCI offers flexible VM shapes that scale from 1 core to 80 cores and 1 GB to 64 GB of memory per core for rightsizing VMs for your application needs and avoiding wasted resources.


Automate the provisioning of virtual desktops, regardless of the endpoint device. Users can easily switch endpoint devices with no change required in the virtual desktop. Even losing an endpoint device is simply resolved by just using another endpoint device.

OCI Secure Desktops service

OCI Secure Desktops is a managed service in OCI that provides a centrally controlled deployment of virtual desktops running Oracle Linux or Microsoft Windows for the operating system.

Secure Desktops enables you to select a virtual machine shape to match your desired performance and capacity. You can rapidly deploy desktops from golden images to support increasing demand. As an edge service, no VPN is needed. Users directly connect to the Secure Desktops service from their location. Secure Desktops supports from ten to thousands of virtual desktops.

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Keep your users and your data protected but globally accessible

Choose your data’s geography

Remain compliant by keeping data in-region
You choose the desired OCI region for your data and applications to remain compliant with applicable regulations and requirements, but your users can be located anywhere on the globe. With virtual desktops, the data remains within the OCI region and enables compliance while only a view of the virtual desktop is transmitted to your users. Virtual desktops help you keep your data secure while allowing global access.

Simplify endpoint administration

Deploy a wide variety of compatible device endpoints
Virtual desktops are available via a supported web browser or a lightweight client application that runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktops. This wide support enables compatibility with a large ecosystem of endpoint devices, such as dedicated desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Enhance your security posture

Create an airgap between you and the outside world
Because virtual desktops only transmit a view of the desktop, no data needs to be stored locally on a user’s endpoint device. This provides an additional airgap security that helps prevent potential malware on the endpoint device from accessing the virtual desktop, keeping your applications and data protected. In addition, should the endpoint device be lost, stolen, or damaged, only the device needs to be replaced. The virtual desktop is not compromised and doesn’t need reinstallation.

Support low connectivity environments

Environments are persistent even when disconnected
Virtual desktops are protected from drops in connectivity from the endpoint as they continue to run. This ensures users don’t lose valuable work even if their network connection is lost. Running remotely in a virtual desktop also allows users to connect as desired and immediately resume working without having to reopen applications and documents or leave long-running processes uninterrupted.

Reference architectures with OCI Secure Desktops

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Virtual desktops frequently asked questions

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    • What operating systems are supported for OCI Secure Desktops?

      Oracle Linux 7 and 8 are supported operating systems. Oracle Linux 9 support is in progress. Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 are supported operating systems. These require you to participate in Microsoft’s bring your own license program.

    • What is the cost of OCI Secure Desktops?

      Each desktop is $5 a month, with a minimum of 10 desktops. Any compute, storage, and network consumption for running desktops is additional. Any applicable license, such as for Microsoft Windows, is additional.

    • Which types of OCI shapes can be used to run OCI Secure Desktops?

      OCI Secure Desktops supports both virtual machines (VMs) and dedicated virtual hosts (DVHs). The default setting for Windows desktop pools is DVH. If your Microsoft license agreement allows the use of non-dedicated virtual machines in a cloud environment, the default DVH setting can be changed by the desktop administrator.

    • Which shapes are supported by OCI Secure Desktops?

      OCI Secure Desktops supports all available AMD- and Intel-based shapes.

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