Base Database Service

Oracle Base Database Service runs Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition workloads on flexible virtual machine (VM) shapes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The service provides automated database lifecycle management that reduces administration, built-in low-code application development that accelerates new application deployment, and compute scaling with pay-as-you-go pricing that lowers costs.

Oracle Database 23ai: AI Made Simple for Enterprise (7:11)
Najavljujemo Oracle Database 23ai: unesite umjetnu inteligenciju u svoje podatke

Larry Ellison i Juan Loaiza objašnjavaju strategiju GenAI na kojoj se temelji servis Oracle Database 23ai.

A scalable, full-featured Oracle Database service

See how Base Database Service helps organizations succeed.

Easily build AI-enabled apps with AI Vector Search and write less code using Oracle APEX—both at no additional cost.

Pay-as-you-go with license included and Bring Your Own License (BYOL) pricing options.

Protect databases in real time and recover faster with the fully managed Oracle Database Autonomous Recovery Service.

Meet flexible workload and storage demands by independently scaling compute and storage.

Reduce labor with built-in database lifecycle automation.

Protect databases from failures and disasters with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Data Guard.

Why choose Base Database Service

Oracle Base Database service provides optimized Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition capabilities that deliver predictably fast performance, high availability, and secure deployment. The service provides Oracle Database’s converged capabilities, including new features in Oracle Database 23ai, that support virtually any data type, database workload, and development style. It helps developers accelerate the creation and deployment of new and enhanced applications with built-in low-code development tools and support for OCI DevOps. The service is fully compatible with on-premises editions and includes AI Vector Search, Machine Learning, JSON document, Graph, Spatial, blockchain, and security features at no extra charge.

  • Simple

    Easily create and deploy applications by using built-in low-code development tools and Oracle Database 23ai capabilities, such as AI Vector Search and JSON-relational duality.

  • Flexible

    Satisfy a broad range of application and business requirements by using a choice of flexible AMD, Intel, and Ampere virtual machine shapes with high performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Block Volumes storage.

  • Compatible

    Easily move on-premises workloads to the cloud by using the same features they employ on-premises, including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), while also benefiting from cloud automation.

  • Multilevel security

    Protect databases with always-on encryption, Oracle Data Safe security console, the new Oracle Database 23ai in-database SQL Firewall, and robust OCI safeguards.

Service editions

All service editions include Oracle Transparent Data Encryption, Oracle APEX, Oracle Machine Learning, Spatial, and Graph capabilities at no additional cost. Oracle Database 23ai also includes AI Vector Search, JSON-relational duality, and other new features at no additional cost. These built-in capabilities allow developers to easily add new capabilities to existing applications or create new ones without having to integrate multiple single-purpose services.

  • Standard Edition includes Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 and provides flexible virtual machine infrastructure with consumption-based pricing.
  • Enterprise Edition includes Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, Diagnostics and Tuning Packs, and Real Application Testing.
  • Enterprise Edition High Performance extends Enterprise Edition with multitenant, partitioning, advanced compression, advanced security, label security, Database Vault, OLAP, Database Lifecycle Management Pack, and Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database.
  • Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance further extends Enterprise Edition High Performance with In-Memory Database, Active Data Guard, Real Application Clusters, and Sharding for higher service levels.

Base Database Service customers' success stories

Charles Taylor

Implemented a multicloud architecture with databases running on Base Database Service with higher performance and security with a maximum available architecture implementation.


Implemented their construction ERP service with Base Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They simplified their infrastructure by replacing more than 10 software packages and databases with a single application while achieving dependable, repeatable results.

Delphy cultivates a global clientele with a complete Oracle Cloud stack

"As our business evolved, OCI proved to be the ideal solution for moving all our workloads to the cloud. Across our development, data science, and application delivery activities, OCI provides the most flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud platform."

Klaas van Egmond
Cultivation Engineer, Delphy

Phiten boosts database performance 40X with Base Database Service

"After we migrated our on-premises databases, which are vital in running our sales management system, to the Oracle Base Database Service on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, processing performance improved by leaps and bounds. The performance we’re seeing now is incredible."

Sadaya Nakayama
Executive Officer, Head of Public Preparation/Legal Affairs, Phiten

Sedar Global

Replaced Amazon RDS with Base Database Service to enhance database management capabilities with always-on encryption, redaction, Real Application Testing, and application development with APEX.

Skanska builds speed and agility with Base Database Service

"We chose Oracle because we have an excellent in-house knowledge of both Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express. We wanted to leverage the possibility of exploiting them in the cloud, and our annual charity event was the perfect occasion for that. There was no need to look for another vendor."

Conny Bjorling
Head of Enterprise Architecture, Skanska

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