Oracle Database Migration to OCI Pricing

Oracle Database Utilities

  • Free, included in database license and subscriptions. These include Data Pump, Recovery Manager, and SQL Developer.

Zero Downtime Migration

  • Free, included in database license and subscriptions. Zero downtime migration includes embedded licenses for Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Guard.

OCI Database Migration service

  • Free for six months. OCI Database Migration includes an embedded license for Oracle GoldenGate.

Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool

  • Free, with access to Oracle Support.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench

  • The database migration workbench is a feature of the Oracle Real Application Testing management pack that is part of Oracle Enterprise Manager Version 13.5 and above. Find migration workbench licensing information here.
  • For OCI-to-OCI migrations, the Enterprise Manager migration workbench is available for free.
  • For on-premises migrations, Enterprise Manager must be licensed. Find Enterprise Manager licensing information here.
  • The SQL Performance Analyzer is integrated into the migration workbench and requires the Real Application Testing database option license. Find Real Application Testing database option licensing information here.

Oracle Real Application Testing database option

  • Real Application Testing is an Oracle Database option and requires licensing. Find licensing information in Section 1.4, Table 1-15, under Oracle Real Application Testing.

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

  • Find GoldenGate Veridata licensing information here.

Promotional pricing for Real Application Testing, GoldenGate Veridata, and GoldenGate

Oracle offers promotional pricing for these important database migration tools. To qualify for a special 90% discount on a limited-use, one-year term license, the target databases must be Oracle Database 19c deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Database platform options include Oracle Base Database, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata Database Service, and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Note: All OCI solutions incur additional costs for consumption of related OCI resources. These include network access, object storage, block storage, and virtual machines for source and target databases, exports, and backups.