Oracle DatabaseWorld 2022

Learn how to simplify data-driven apps and analytics and get the most out of your data. Gain practical, technical knowledge from the experts and architects behind Oracle Database. Three topic areas designed to help boost your skills cover eliminating the complexities of developing modern data-driven applications, running mission-critical databases, and gaining new insights using cutting-edge analytics.


Full Keynote: Oracle’s Vision for Simplifying Data-Driven Apps and Analytics (23:53)

Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President, Mission-Critical Database Technologies

AppDev Made Simple

Application Development Made Simple (17:09)

Gerald Venzl, Distinguished Product Manager

Simplify Data and Event-Driven Microservices with Oracle’s Converged Database (22:25)

Paul Parkinson, Developer Evangelist

Database Developer Productivity Tips and Tricks (20:20)

Jeff Smith, Distinguished Product Manager

Examining the Relationship Between Brain Activity and Video Game Performance (20:40)

Todd Sharp, Cloud Developer Evangelist

From Zero to Hero: Rapidly Building a Mobile F1 App Using Oracle APEX (19:26)

Jayson Hanes, Principal Product Manager

How to Write Powerful SQL That’s Easy to Maintain (18:04)

Chris Saxon, Senior Developer Advocate

Mission Critical Made Simple

Mission-Critical Databases Made Simple (19:00)

Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager
Ashish Ray, Vice President, Product Management

Speed Up Transparent Performance with Exadata: What, When, How, and Why (19:20)

Kothanda Umamageswaran, Senior Vice President, Exadata

Complete Database Security in 4 Simple Steps (21:46)

Russ Lowenthal, Senior Director, Product Management

Never-Down Applications with Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (20:54)

Markus Michalewicz, Vice President, Product Management

Simplify Application Development with Oracle Real Application Clusters (23:54)

Anil Nair, Senior Principal Product Manager

How to Evolve Your Database Applications Entirely Online (22:43)

Ludovico Caldara, Senior Principal Product Manager

Data Analytics Made Simple

How to Build a Cloud Data Mart in 20 Minutes (19:04)

Patrick Wheeler, Vice President, Product Management

Deep Dive: Data Loading (20:32)

William (Bud) Endress, Director, Product Management

Tips and Tricks: Data Warehousing with Data from Oracle E-Business Suite and SaaS (19:53)

Jayant Mahto, Senior Principal Product Manager

Predict the Future (or Don’t) with Machine Learning in Applications (21:49)

Mark Hornick, Senior Director, Product Management

Graph Analytics: From Zero to Hero (17:38)

Melliyal (Melli) Annamalai, Distinguished Product Manager

Store and Analyze JSON Data Using the Oracle API for MongoDB and SQL/JSON (22:40)

Josh Spiegel, Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Hands-On Labs

Apply what you’ve learned. We’ll guide you through the process.

Simplify Microservices with Converged Oracle Database

Hitchhiker’s Guide for Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c

Produce Your Company’s Best Picture with Converged Database Analytics

Oracle CloudWorld

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