Oracle HR Help Desk Datasheet

Key features

  • Inquiries via multiple channels, including digital assistant, SMS, and social platforms, for automatic routing and fast replies
  • Intelligent case management system that routes each case to the right person
  • Quick, consistent HR service delivery with Tasks and Categories
  • 360 Degree View of each employee’s HR profile and history
  • Knowledge base that helps employees find the right answers
  • Trend analysis to identify which type of cases and inquiries are happening, enabling you to proactively resolve broader issues
  • Social collaboration to initiate conversations and find experts
  • Embedded Business Intelligence to measure effectiveness of service requests
  • Data privacy with a single security model from Oracle
  • Natively built on Oracle Cloud, no integration required

Key benefits

  • Reduce number of HR calls
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Resolve trending employee issues
  • Reduce costs and reliance on IT and HR shared services
  • Faster, more consistent response times
  • Support data privacy for employee HR requests

Oracle HR Help Desk (part of Oracle Cloud HCM) delivers personalized HR services to your employees in an engaging, intelligent, and secure way. Natively developed in Oracle Cloud, it is a full case management solution that delivers quick and consistent HR services to every employee, by intelligently routing each inquiry to the right HR stakeholder. Oracle HR Help Desk makes it easy for employees to find answers to their questions from any device and supports data privacy and security for every employee’s unique HR needs.

Intelligently answer employee hr inquires

Employees typically spend valuable time searching for and finding the right experts to help them with basic HR transactions, such as taking time off or procuring a company badge to swipe into work. The experience of processing each of these basic HR transactions can be varied, based on who the employee knows or where they are located. Oracle HR Help Desk reduces the time employees spend looking for answers, by empowering them to quickly find the answers they need through an intuitive knowledge base and providing an intelligent case management system that routes more complex questions to the right HR person, ensuring quick and personalized HR service delivery for each employee.

Unified with Oracle Cloud HCM, owner by hr

Oracle HR has the built-in flexibility and security to manage personal employee information such as compensation in the employee’s local currency, language translations, tracking of citizenship and visa information, and documents of record in over 200 countries and territories. HR organizations have clear visibility on their headcount and can deploy standard HR processes globally out of the box.

Unlike other HR solutions, Oracle HR Help Desk is a seamless part of our complete cloud solution. Instead of relying on IT to set up an HR help desk or consolidating with an IT help desk, our users can use help desk functionality for the workforce through an HR managed solution. This includes the ability to curate a robust knowledge base of information that is available for workers and HR professionals to search and get answers to their frequently asked HR requests.

Supports security and data privacy of hr requests

Although HR is often considered an early adopter of cloud when compared to other lines of business—compliance, ever-changing data residency laws, and protecting highly sensitive employee data from outside threats should always be top of mind for HR professionals. Companies who operate in multiple countries need to look beyond local HR solutions, to help them effectively manage and store their data in multiple locations across the globe, with the highest security standards in mind. As Oracle HR Help Desk is built natively on Oracle Cloud, the highly sensitive data around employee HR services is protected with the same, single security model used across all Oracle Cloud products with no custom integration required.

Better hr services delivered through better HCM technology

Oracle HR Help Desk is an intuitive solution that delivers:

  • A native HR Help Desk solution, no custom integration required
  • Core HR security for case management
  • Supports data privacy using a single security model − Keep HR data within the HR system
  • Minimized implementation costs and effort as customers can leverage Core HR configurations from the same single data model
  • Integrated, intuitive knowledge base enabling employees to find answers to common or frequently asked questions
  • Common Platform
    • Common Extension Framework
      • Extend objects, UI, and logic
      • Shared data model
    • Common Security
      • Single security model
      • User management and identify management
    • Common Platform Services
      • Setup and deployment
      • Lifecycle management
  • Service Request Management
    • Service Request Tracking
    • Submit inquiries via multiple channels, including digital assistant, SMS, and social platforms, for automatic routing and fast replies
    • Enable HR reps to easily create service requests for employees
    • Create & track activities associated to service requests
    • Follow-up and respond directly via email (or via APIs)
    • Measure HR rep help desk activity with real time analytics
  • Collaboration
    • Purposeful Collaboration
    • Persistent Conversations
    • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Service Request Analytics
    • Service insights
    • Extensible Analytics
    • Analytics Platform
  • Leverages Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

Oracle Cloud HCM

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