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Award descriptions and FAQ

Created to recognize customers that have helped their teams and organization succeed amid the ever-changing world of business.

Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Awards descriptions

The Adapt Award for creating a flexible and agile work environment

In today’s climate, the option for employees to have a choice in when and where they can work is a critical element for people and companies alike. Organizations in this category have created flexible options for work-life balance that allows their employees to be present at home while simultaneously being productive in the workplace. These organizations have adapted their workplace flexibility to ensure their employee’s long-term success.

Nominate for the Adapt Award

The Cultivate Award for thoughtful focus and design of the employee experience

The employee experience is constantly evolving and is unique to each individual. Organizations in this category have demonstrated a commitment to understanding the entire journey of an employee’s career from the moment they are hired, through career growth, to the many life changing events that happen along the way. Organizations in this category are providing an employee experience that is supportive, intuitive, and tailored to each person at every phase of their career and life.

Nominate for the Cultivate Award

The Engage Award for creating a workplace with equal opportunities and a sense of belonging

Everyone deserves equal opportunity, pay, and a sense that they belong in the workplace. Organizations in this category have demonstrated that engaging people of different backgrounds, and listening to their unique voices are core values and have created goals that are shared, discussed and made visible to all. These HR teams are leading the way in achieving these goals by providing equal opportunities and attracting the best talent from a deep and diverse workforce.

Nominate for the Engage Award

The Innovate Award for demonstrating a new and remarkable vision for the future of work

The effects of the pandemic on businesses are still with us and will continue to resonate for years to come. The workplace changed dramatically in a short period of time and these HR teams are using technology to help their companies continue to evolve. Innovative organizations in this category are finding creative ways to help their organizations and people be resilient, flexible, and well-positioned for the future. They are changing the future of work with greater automation, productivity, and efficiency through the use of technology such as the Cloud, AI, and ML.

Nominate for the Innovate Award

The Shift Award for helping to accelerate a move to the modern HCM cloud

Organizations in this category have realized the need to replace legacy technology to help improve the lives of their employees and strengthen their business. Being able to quickly pivot to a unified and complete HCM system, these organizations have been able to more rapidly realize benefits like reduced complexity, increased visibility, and easier collaboration.

Nominate for the Shift Award

The Thrive Award for putting employee’s health, safety and well-being first

People are at the center of the work done by HR. Organizations in this category are exceptionally focused on helping their people thrive in the workplace by designing enhanced safety protocols, providing access to mental health resources, and developing new tools to manage overall well-being.

Nominate for the Thrive Award

Partner Awards

The Game Changer Award for HCM Service Delivery Partner of the Year

Service Delivery partners in this category have changed the game for our customers by helping them pivot to a unified and complete HCM system. These partners have helped implement Oracle Cloud HCM allowing organizations to rapidly realize benefits like reduced complexity and increased visibility while improving their employee experience.

Nominate for the Game Changer Award

The Visionary Award for HCM ISV Partner of the Year

The workplace has changed dramatically in a short period of time and HR teams are using technology to help their companies continue to shift to meet employee needs. It takes a true visionary to help organizations and people be resilient, flexible, and well-positioned for the future. These ISV partners are changing the way customers work with greater automation, productivity, and efficiency through the use of technology such as the Cloud, AI, and ML. This award celebrates the most innovative solution that complemented Oracle Cloud HCM and transformed the customer experience.

Nominate for the Visionary Award

Frequently asked questions

Who can enter?

The HR Heroes are for any organization that uses Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud in HR and has done extraordinary things in the workplace to make work more human. This includes driving exceptional focus on the employee experience and overall well-being.

Are the HR Heroes only open to companies in North America?

No, the HR Heroes awards are global.

Is this a new version of the Rubies Awards?

Yes. HR has been at the frontlines of one the most challenging times in history for people and business and we wanted to create a new program to recognize that.

What are Oracle’s goals for the program?

We have two main goals. To celebrate our extraordinary customers and, to showcase the remarkable success stories of these customers on Oracle.com.

How will winners be recognized?

To ensure the health and safety of our customers, the awards will be presented to winners virtually, spotlighted on the program home page, and a trophy with be shipped to their mailing address.

How many finalists will be announced in each category?

We expect a high volume of submissions, so we’ll announce up to five finalists per category. Finalists will receive a trophy to honor their achievement.

Can I submit an entry on someone else’s behalf?

Yes. If you know of a person or organization that deserves recognition, please do. Be sure to include their contact details so we can reach out and see if they want to participate.

Can I enter more than one category?

Absolutely. Apply for as many awards as appropriate. Depending on your submission the judging panel might move your submission to another category if they feel it’s a better fit.

What makes a winning entry?

Our judges are looking to highlight some of the incredible stories emerging in recent years, where people in HR are putting employee experience, equal opportunities and overall employee well-being front and center. It helps considerably to include metrics and measurable results to demonstrate the extent of the impact HR has had on people and business.