Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM vs. SAP SuccessFactors

Compare SAP SuccessFactors to Oracle Cloud HCM and see why Oracle is the better choice for you.

Business benefit
SAP SuccessFactors
Oracle Cloud HCM

Why this matters

True cloud SaaS applications Requires a hybrid of SuccessFactors and S/4HANA for end-to-end processes.1 One SaaS solution. True SaaS is required to enable continuous digital innovation–essential for today’s business–without implementation disruption.
Fully unified ERP and HCM solutions SuccessFactors and SAP S/4HANA are two different products with different architectures, integrated with middleware.2,3 ERP and HCM on one cloud platform with a common data model. Working in a unified cloud can help reduce costs and IT staff workloads, which helps increase efficiency and savings.
Single-data-source HCM solution To fill functional gaps, Employee Central leans on the use of third-party modules that often use different data sources.4 All HCM modules use a single, unified data source. Disjointed and disparate applications are expensive and complex to maintain.
Embedded generative AI Claims to have embedded generative AI, but dependent on integrations with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot in Microsoft Viva Learning. 5,6 Embedded capabilities include assisted authoring, suggestions, and summarization for key candidate and employee experiences, all built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Embedded generative AI supports better levels of security, performance, and business value.
Full native recruitment Leans on a network of more than 80 partner apps for full recruiting functionality.7 Robust, comprehensive, and native talent acquisition solution. A native and innovative hiring solution helps provide better candidate experiences, drive internal mobility, improve efficiency, and unify recruiting with the rest of the business.
Native health and safety functionality SafetyFactors EH&S is a separate module, built by a third party.8 Oracle Workforce Health and Safety is native to Oracle Cloud HCM. A flexible, global, rules-based application allows for programs that are customized to each company’s business strategy and culture while offering employees choice.
Flexible and global benefits application included in HCM solution Dependent on third-party integrations to fully administer benefits.9 Robust, flexible, native, global, rules-based benefits application. A flexible, global, rules-based application allows for programs that are customized to each company’s business strategy and culture while offering employees choice.
Automate administrative tasks using advanced HCM controls Additional governance, risk, and compliance and cybersecurity modules are necessary.10 Automated, built-in, and AI-driven functionality. Automated advanced HCM controls help reduce fraud, breaches, and cash leakage, which helps save on remediation costs.
Consistent functionality across devices Not all features are supported on either mobile browser or mobile app.11 Consistent functionality on any device. The completion of manager and employee self-service tasks on virtually any mobile device can lead to an easy and engaging experience.

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Product comparison as of June 2023.


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