Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM vs. Workday

Compare Workday to Oracle Cloud HCM and see why Oracle is the better choice for you.

Business benefit
Workday HCM
Oracle Cloud HCM

Why this matters

Innovative, next-generation cloud Built for more first-generation cloud, relies on multiple public cloud partners for innovation.1 On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a best-in-class second-generation cloud platform designed for running enterprise apps. Benefit from autonomous services that automatically secure, tune, and scale applications, as well as integrated security and superior performance.
Unified HCM solution HCM data may be on multiple platforms due to acquisitions.2 All HCM modules unified from a single data source. Disjointed and disparate applications can be expensive and complex to maintain, and more difficult for employees to use.
Dedicated generative AI models Models trained using data from all customers who have opted into sharing.3 Custom models trained on a customer’s data can only be used by that customer. By giving customers control of the data used by generative AI, it can help keep sensitive and proprietary information safe.
Compliant global payroll Only five built-in global payroll solutions in US, Canada, UK, Australia, and France, still yet to fulfill its investment in Germany.4, 5, 6 Seventeen Payroll and Payroll Core offerings-Payroll in Bahrain, Canada, China, Kuwait, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, India, Oman, and US; France expected in 2024, plus Payroll Core for IGOs and NGOs in the Bahamas, Egypt, Jordan, and Philippines. A global payroll solution should be equipped to help meet data sovereignty requirements, be updated regularly to meet regulatory requirements, align with business strategy, and help reduce risk when natively linked with workforce management tools in as many territories as possible.
Comprehensive talent acquisition/recruiting recruitment system, but lacks candidate-facing digital assistant use and only has SMS candidate communication. 7, 8 Robust recruitment platform that unifies recruiting with the rest of the business, with a digital assistant that simplifies hiring for candidates and has both SMS and email communication. An innovative hiring solution provides better candidate experiences, drives internal mobility, and improves recruiter efficiency.
Native health and safety functionality No full native functionality, requires third-party integrations, such as Intelex.9 Full Workforce Health and Safety native to HCM. Native health and safety embeds itself into the daily processes of all employees, promoting a culture of workplace safety, risk mitigation, and reduced costs.
Advanced HCM controls designed for HR Basic controls available in areas such as audit and fraud prevention, but only through Financial Management.10 Deep segregation of duties analysis, secure role design, sensitive access certification and more, built into the HCM. Automated advanced HCM controls can help reduce fraud, breaches, and cash leakage, which will help save on remediation costs.
Full work life functionality Limited wellness programs available.11 Full work life functionality with wellness programs, brand development, and volunteer recommendations. Wellness, volunteering, and personal brand opportunities encourage employee engagement and overall well-being.
Value-driven TCO TCO can be expensive, particularly at renewal with CPI-driven renewal lifts and innovation index fees at up to 5%.12, 13 Low TCO while driving business value through better engagement and adoption. A cloud HCM solution is at the core of modern HR taking on a more strategic role in the business; this means finding ways to enhance productivity while increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Product comparison as of October 2023.

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