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Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics Datasheet


  • Actionable insight for HR executives, line-of-business managers, and HR analysts
  • Fast time-to-value with prebuilt workforce KPIs, rich data model, dashboards and reports
  • Tightly integrated, designed with Oracle Cloud HCM
  • Predictive workforce insights to ensure strategic goals are met
  • Extensible analytics architecture that adapts to your business needs
  • Self-service data discovery with mobile-first consumption to promote broader analytics usage
  • Augmented analytics to predict trends and automate processes
  • Oracle Managed Cloud Service, with ability to configure and extend


Oracle Analytics for HCM users can customize their experience to their daily roles and responsibilities in Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics. They can create personalized decks to track specific views (such as region, business units, etc.) and decide which KPIs to track on those decks. These decks can be used for day-to-day oversight, team meetings, exec-to-exec reviews, boardroom review, and more. The KPIs themselves can be personalized via easily changeable settings, which allow for customized visualizations, filtering, alerts, period comparisons, and targets.

“With Oracle Analytics for Applications, we put data and analytics in the hands of the people who need it, from the line worker to the boardroom, allowing everyone to play an active role in aligning and achieving top and bottom line growth.”

T.K. Anand,
Senior vice president, Oracle Analytics

“Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.”

Oracle Mission Satement
Oracle OpenWorld 2019

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Make better and faster decisions to improve company performance with packaged analytic applications from Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics is a packaged analytics application that empowers teams using Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to maximize the value of their data with best practice-driven actionable insights and a rapid return on investment. This turnkey solution offers key performance indicators (KPIs) with prepackaged components and minimal configurations. Most enterprises operate in a hybrid landscape with a diverse set of applications that require both Oracle Cloud and non-Oracle applications. Flexible and powered by machine learning, Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics enables analyses from cross-functional and multisource data, so customers can get 360-degree insights across all data sources

HCM challenges

Today’s business challenges demand timely information to make better decisions, take action, and correct problems before they affect the company’s performance.

HR executives face tremendous pressure to prepare their companies to compete across an accelerating global landscape, and they must ensure that they have the right workforce mix to respond to these pressures. Employees are an organization’s most asset, and the HR leaders responsible for identifying, recruiting, acquiring, and retaining the talent to take your business into the future, need complete, timely, and accurate information.

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics has been designed to guide HR executives to answer the tough questions they face every day, including “how do we retain and develop talent?”; “how do we maximize productivity while balancing costs?”; “are we hiring high-performance employees?”; “are we maintaining a diverse workforce?”… and more.

Oracle analytics for applications

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics is the second offering made available from the Oracle Analytics for Applications portfolio. This new product line brings together HR, Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain information to support cross-domain insights and provide a modern advanced analytics solution to customers who are using enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), customer experience (CX), and supply chain management (SCM) SaaS applications.

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Maximize the value of oracle cloud hcm data

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics is a turnkey solution designed for and tightly integrated with Oracle Cloud HCM. It provides prepackaged content areas meant to answer key questions to the most pressing strategic problems facing HR executives, line of business managers, and HR analysts today.

Workforce composition Provides current view and trends of demographic, organizational, and regional composition of the workforce.
  • What is the composition of my workforce?
  • What is the average tenure?
  • How has the composition changed over time?
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