Oracle Goal Management Datasheet

Key features

  • Track goals on an ongoing basis
  • Publish organization goals for strategy visibility
  • Promote collaboration using goal sharing and social network
  • View goal progress for your team at a glance

Key benefits

  • Insight into how the organization or team is aligned and tracking to stated goals
  • Set goals in the context of organization goals
  • Share, align, and collaborate on goals with others

As an integral part of Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Goal Management provides organizations a best-in-class solution to track and manage organizational and individual goals and closely align them with the overall talent management process.

Oracle Goal Management enables the setting and tracking of goals across the various levels of an organization, supporting an ongoing performance conversation throughout the year. Business leaders communicate high-level initiatives, managers and employees can collaborate to set goals that align to the organization’s direction. Collaboration amongst employees is fostered by goal sharing and the ability to collaborate on goals in the enterprise social network. Oracle Goal Management seamlessly integrates with Oracle Performance Management to enable a point in time evaluation of goal achievement.

Set and track goals

Effective goal management starts by setting performance goals. When setting performance goals, you have the ability to align to the goals of the organization, a manager or a peer. Performance goals can flow into a performance document within Oracle Performance Management to be evaluated during the performance period. You can also optionally configure to have managers approve new goals or updates to goals. You can access your goals on a smartphone, tablet, or the desktop and experience a consistent look and feel on any device.

Track team goal progress

As a manager, having clear insight into how goals are progressing is important. Goal Management gives managers accurate insight for each direct report with a team view showing progress . Managers will quickly know when to provide coaching and guidance, as well as a means to compare and contrast. This enables managers to quickly and easily ascertain team member progress towards goals and access alignment. Managers can also assign new goals to employees or shift goals among the team as needed. This capability is also available for matrix manager.

Goal sharing and social collaboration

Goal sharing allows employees to share goals with other individuals throughout the organization to help groups and teams work towards a common purpose. Goal sharing helps employees set goals by understanding what others are doing, and helps to promote collaboration. Individuals can enhance their productivity by actively collaborating on their goals online. Individuals can create conversations about any goal and invite others to exchange ideas and information, receive in-context feedback and sharing documents and links.

Effective insight into goal alignment

Setting annual goals is easy. Tracking them is often problematic and causes a lack of both insight and measurable results. Executives are frequently unaware of how individuals, departments and business units reach their goals or at what speed. Goal Management allows organizational leaders to set and track organizational goals and publish or assign goals to the organization. Executives, managers and employees can easily see these goals and how they are aligned. Goals set at the highest levels cascade to employees and can help them understand the importance of their individual contribution to the overall organization.

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