Product Tour—Oracle Talent Management

Oracle Talent Management

Manage your entire talent lifecycle, drive a skills-based organization, provide a best-in-class experience to candidates and employees, manage performance, develop careers, and plan for succession—all in one place—with Oracle Talent Management.

Cultivate a skills-based organization

Leverage a powerful AI-driven skills engine to understand your organization’s skills, support skills-driven talent processes across the business, and provide skills-informed, intelligent growth recommendations for every step of an employee’s career journey.

Acquire the right talent

Provide recruiters and managers with AI-powered recommendations, better visibility into great-fit candidates, generative AI assistance, and streamlined interview scheduling. Candidates can help a potential employer recognize their value by adding recommended skills to their application using the employer’s preferred language and terminology.

Grow your people and give them their own AI coach for skill and career development

Deliver multiple ways for employees to grow, such as gigs, development journeys, and learning resources—all in one place. Empower employees to understand what next steps they should take by discovering AI-driven development opportunities and visualizing recommended career growth possibilities.

Upskill and reskill your workforce to support shifting business priorities

Help managers and leaders ensure their teams have or are developing the desired skill sets based on current and future business priorities.

Foster transparency and career mobility

Stretch career growth possibilities by letting the technology help employees uncover different career options based on their current expertise and developing skills. Empower workers to grow their experience and network by taking on short-term gigs and developing their skills.

Promote ongoing performance conversations

Enable ongoing development conversations between employees and managers by giving them the tools to schedule regular performance check-ins and capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources. Empower managers to quickly complete more-holistic and tailored performance reviews with the help of embedded generative AI.

Recognize and retain your top talent

Reward high performers by connecting Oracle Performance Management with rewards. Celebrate individual contributions or milestones with meaningful and timely messages of recognition.

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