Conversational AI for Customer Experience (CX)

Engage customers with an AI-powered digital assistant that captivates users in a personalized manner, while delivering actionable insights to your sales, service, and marketing teams. Oracle Digital Assistant is more than just a chatbot and provides answers across all customer experience touchpoints.

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Conversational AI for Customer Experience

Conversational CX improves customer relationships by personalizing engagements at scale. Built on Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure, Oracle Digital Assistant applies AI and natural language understanding (NLU) to simplify customer acquisition and retention. Based on profile and context, it automates tasks such as informational queries and personalized recommendations. This gives both customers and internal sales teams seamless access to information and processes through text and voice.

Organizations using Oracle Cloud CX can easily leverage Oracle Digital Assistant across multiple applications. Sales teams can automate the creation of configured quotes with voice commands. Customer service agents can query the knowledge repository to deliver self-service features for customers on chat channels. Marketing teams, in conjunction with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, can use digital tools to create promotional campaigns.

All types of conversations, one Digital Assistant

Explore out-of-the-box functionality for Oracle Digital Assistant for CX.

Digital customer service

  • Live agent integration handles workloads, provides 24/7 customer service, and enables teams to handle escalations with complete conversation history
  • Knowledge foundation integration makes information accessible through a single digital assistant and improves search efficiency and accuracy by leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Intelligent advisor integration delivers personalized interviews in the context of customer service as part of the overall customer support journey

Oracle Field Service

  • Give customers an interactive and automated process before, during, and after field service visits with where is my technician, a feature that is seamlessly integrated with Digital Assistant
  • Understand your customers’ satisfaction while collecting instant feedback to enhance the customer experience
  • Improve resource productivity and time to resolution by providing on-demand, virtual assistance in the field. Enable users to troubleshoot, diagnose, and get quick access to guided flows, manuals, and instructions

Sales assistant

  • Better prepare for sales meetings with your very own personal digital assistant. Receive trusted AI-sourced account intelligence for greater visibility into your accounts and opportunities
  • Reduce manual data entry. Easily log meeting notes, access your daily sales brief, or complete other tasks—all using voice or text commands via mobile
  • Quickly access and review CRM data such as pipeline, tasks, and contact records from workspace, mobile, and other collaboration tools

Personalized marketing

  • Automates lead scoring
  • Design your own conversational experiences
  • Create personalized push campaigns that speak directly to customers by using Oracle’s Eloqua and Responys

Loyalty and engagement

  • Personalize omnichannel experiences for loyalty customers
  • Extend loyalty data into conversational channels to better understand your most valuable customers

Content management

  • Surface content through Digital Assistant conversations utilizing Oracle Content Management headless capabilities
  • Increase engagement across commerce channels with timely content delivery and digital assets

Key benefits

  • Put the customer in the driver’s seat

    Oracle Digital Assistant makes it easy for customers to interact with multiple systems from one personalized conversation. Thanks to the evolution of digital technology and mobile devices, consumer behavior has shifted dramatically. With just a few clicks, consumers can buy, sell, and ship almost anything. Depending on the task, the proliferation of channels has consumers switching between four to five screens on average. Meeting expectations means creating a customer experience that can move seamlessly across multiple platforms.

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  • Personalized service—anywhere

    Exceptional customer support means delivering service at any point in the customer journey, across popular channels and applications. Digital assistants can be embedded anywhere a consumer may have queries. With engagement engine rule-based controls, conversations can be initiated through a series of different criteria, including profile, wait time, or cart value. In addition, Oracle Digital Assistant delivers personalized recommendations, complimentary products and services based on previous interactions.

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  • Digital assistants engage sales team

    An AI-powered digital assistant Increases sales team productivity and puts information at seller’s fingertips. Reducing manual data entry makes it easier to update sales records via text or voice commands while updating CRMs. Automated reminders and recommendations accelerate the overall sales cycle.

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August 19, 2019

The ROI of Visual Engagement

Ashwin Venkatesh, Principal Product Manager, Oracle CX

In my last blog, Humanize your CX Strategy with Visual Engagement, I discussed the positive impact that visual engagement can bring to a company’s omnichannel CX strategy. Let’s break it down further to understand the significant return of investment (ROI) attained from customer adoption of visual channels.

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