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Why the top Builders run on Oracle Cloud

Independent software vendors (ISVs) need cloud partners who deliver great price-performance, along with security, flexibility, and predictable costs. Whether your applications were born in the cloud or built from decades of industry expertise, Oracle Cloud offers the benefits of a complete, full-stack offering with the best performance at a market-leading price. Oracle Cloud has built-in security and automation that allows ISVs to scale faster and deliver a better user experience to all of your customers.

Explore what OCI has to offer to our cloud partners

ISVs deliver better value to their customers with OCI’s wide range of services and support.

Oracle Cloud Lift Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers the opportunity to migrate or build your applications with minimal rearchitecture or reintegration, and delivers higher performance at lower cost than deployments running on-premises or on competitors’ clouds. OCI includes all the core infrastructure and platform-as-a-service options to meet key application needs. And with Oracle Lift Services, you can obtain free expert guidance from cloud engineers on planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations.

Move critical workloads in weeks (or even days) with

Dedicated engineering resources

Oracle Cloud Lift dedicates its top engineers to quickly migrate eligible customer workloads to Oracle Cloud, enabling customers to derive value from OCI investments.

Support from planning through go-live

A dedicated group of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure experts will assist you from inception through go-live activities, including assessment, designing and prototyping, migration, and management to accelerate your time to value.

Program access is included with tenancy

The Oracle Cloud Lift program includes available services globally and is a part of the customer’s tenancy on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Simplify management with autonomous services

Eliminate human error and complexity with the world's only autonomous cloud. OCI offers autonomous operations while delivering truly elastic and serverless services—available globally both in the public cloud and your data centers.

Price-performance advantage

As an ISV, you need predictable costs to plan your budgets and run your business. Running workloads in the cloud can make it extremely difficult to accurately forecast cost over time—but not with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

OCI delivers higher performance and lower costs for virtually every enterprise software application, and is consistently less expensive than AWS for a wide range of popular cloud workloads. Oracle has simple rate structures that eliminate the cost surprises associated with hard-to-estimate usage elements such as data egress or storage performance. And with 29 public cloud regions across the globe, Oracle charges the same rates for all regions, so going global on Oracle Cloud doesn’t increase the cost of service.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Oracle’s SLAs are built on the foundation of availability, manageability, and performance.


Rest assured your cloud workloads are in continual operation with Oracle's commitments to uptime and connectivity.


The elasticity and configurability of infrastructure is part of why businesses move applications to the cloud. Your services need to be manageable all of the time to deliver this benefit. Oracle provides manageability SLAs to ensure your ability to manage, monitor, and modify resources.


It’s not enough for your cloud infrastructure to be merely accessible. It should consistently perform the way you expect it to. Oracle is the first cloud vendor to guarantee performance, so you can rely on your infrastructure to run your business.

Built-in security

At Oracle, we take a very different approach to security than other cloud providers. We believe security should always be on, should default to maximum settings, and shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. We believe a major reason companies’ systems are breached is because their security is so complex and often added to workloads after they start to scale, rather than designed in.

With OCI, we focused on simplifying the security experience. So you get the security you need without deploying overlapping tools and making a lot of separate decisions.

Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database

What is an autonomous database? Oracle Autonomous Database is a family of self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing cloud services. It’s the world’s first autonomous database, and it redefines database management by using machine learning and automation to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning—reducing cost and complexity and ensuring higher reliability, security, and more operational efficiency.

Speed time to market

Complete automation of database and infrastructure operations cuts administrative costs by up to 80 percent. The efficiency of a self-optimizing database, together with elastic pay-per-use, cuts runtime costs by up to 90 percent.

Eliminate vulnerabilities

Automatic application of the latest security updates with no downtime eliminates cyberattack vulnerabilities. You get protection from all types of downtime, including system failures, maintenance, user errors, and changes to the application data model.

Administrate less

Eliminating database maintenance frees database administrators and app developers to add more value to the business. Integrated machine learning algorithms enable the development of applications that perform real-time predictions such as personalized shopping and fraud detection.

Maximize flexibility

Customers are empowered to deploy workloads using Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or on-premises with Exadata Cloud@Customer, based on their data residency, regulatory, and latency requirements.

Cloud deployment flexibility

We have an open ecosystem which includes support for non-Oracle technologies and flexible deployment models. We want to help our customers avoid vendor lock-in by allowing deployment through Oracle Cloud, Cloud@Customer, other clouds, hybrid environments, and on-premises.

With Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, Oracle brings its complete portfolio of public cloud services and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications into your data center.

Deployment flexibility extends to infrastructure with Oracle Linux—the open, scalable, and secure operating environment that runs Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers also run Oracle Linux in all the environments listed above, providing optimal choice. Learn about ISV applications certified on Oracle Linux; they run wherever Oracle Linux runs. If you’re an ISV and want to certify your application, please let us know.

Go to market with Oracle

We have a large and growing base of Oracle Cloud and Oracle SaaS customers, as well as a large global data center footprint. With more than 200,000 Oracle SaaS customers, 80 million daily users, and 61 billion daily transactions, we want to help you expand your market.

Partner with Oracle and get empowered with the tools and resources you need to achieve expertise and differentiate your business. So whether you embed your IP on our technology, or sell or provide value-added services using it, you can win more customers and grow your revenue with us.

Simplified cloud purchasing and consumption models

Oracle makes it easy for customers and partners with multiple pricing options.

Pay As You Go

Provision resources on demand with no up-front commitment and pay only for what you use.

Universal Credits

Experience discounted, predictable spending and complete resource flexibility with a monthly commitment.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Shift Oracle Database, middleware, and analytics software licenses to the cloud with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Take our OPN Journey Builder and start your path to the cloud.

Value of Partnering with Oracle for Cloud ISVs

With the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), you have choices to help you establish and grow your business on Oracle Cloud. Our ultimate goal is to help you innovate your solutions, accelerate your go-to-market strategy and help you succeed with your customers. When you succeed, Oracle succeeds. OPN offers valuable resources to address your specific technical and go-to-market needs.

Resources and Tools to Build and Strengthen Your Business

For Your Solution
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Whether you're building new or migrating your existing solution or workload onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), environments for your development, testing, and demonstration needs are essential to support your product and solution lifecycle, innovate your solutions, accelerate your business further, and foster expansion with new market opportunities.

Oracle Universal Credits
Oracle Universal Credits is the next-generation subscription model for Oracle Cloud. Universal Credits offers some key benefits that can optimize your Oracle Cloud experience with a simpler buying experience for all OCI infrastructure and platform services and the flexibility to use any of those services at any time, in any region, to deliver faster time to market.

If you need Oracle Universal Credits for development, testing, or demonstration activities, you'll receive a fully-functioning OCI tenancy with a 55% discount applied to all discount eligible OCI services. On top of that, you'll start with $3,000 (USD) in Universal Credits each year. Combined with the 55% discounted consumption rate, your total value is closer to $6,600 each year.
$6,600 in effective value

And, if those $3,000 in UC's are consumed within the year, don't worry. UC's can continue to be consumed at a 55% discounted rate for the remainder of the OPN membership period; Oracle will just invoice monthly for any additional consumption.

With OCI already the leader in price-performance for hyperscale public cloud platforms, this provides an even better cost-effective way to onboard your solution, your team, and your new ideas onto Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud SaaS Integrations

Looking to integrate your solution with an Oracle Cloud SaaS application?
With Oracle and Oracle Cloud, you have choices to help you grow your business. You can build an integration for your solution with Oracle SaaS applications using our publicly available API's. You can also host your SaaS integration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and benefit from scalability, flexibility, predictability of cost and security built-in at all levels of your technology stack. In fact, Oracle runs their SaaS services on OCI creating a full-stack environment with greater opportunity to engage Oracle Cloud customers with your solution. This positions you to deliver the most effective levels of service to your end-users or your customers. Today, many ISVs and their customers enjoy the Oracle advantages that enable or complement their solutions hosted on OCI.
100% return on the track investment for orders ≥ $12,000 (USD)

SaaS Environments
If you need Oracle SaaS environments for your solution development, testing and demonstration, we can help with that, too. You have access to our SaaS environments discounted 75% or more with multiple availability options to meet the needs and development cycle of your solution.

Oracle Partner & Technical Communities

Our Oracle Partner Community is a single destination where you can find discussions on all partner program and technical enablement-focused topics that help you stay up-to-speed on your specific areas of interest! Stay connected to find your favorite solution-focused enablement or regional go-to-market forums so you never miss a beat! Go to the Categories tab at the top to see all of the various enablement forums together, or scroll down on the home page to see the regional forums.

For both your solution and your team, access Oracle Technical Communities to connect with other technology solution providers, explore new areas of knowledge, and share ideas in these social settings.

For your team
Oracle University Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Provide the opportunity for members of your team to deep dive into Oracle products of interest and develop the skills necessary to support the needs of existing and prospective customers with your innovative solution. Leverage the flexibility of Oracle University Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscriptions to enable your team to learn and gain knowledge across products of their choosing and is a great resource for skills acquisition and knowledge exploration. Access the Oracle University certification exam vouchers bundled with the Cloud Learning Subscriptions and promote excellence as part of a formal professional learning program. You get 5 seats at no additional cost. If you need more seats, you can get additional Cloud Learning Subscriptions at a 60% discount.
A value of more than $24,000 (USD)

OPN Learning Center

In addition to a rich repository of Cloud Learning Subscription, your team can also take advantage deep of the Oracle Learning Center as a unified learning experience with a single point of entry for all partner learning journeys and Cloud Learning Subscriptions that takes the guesswork out of finding learning resources. With a single point of reporting and management, you can accelerate your team's knowledge and solution on Oracle.

For your business

Use the technical tools and resources available through Oracle and reduce your operating costs for those critical activities in your solution lifecycle including development, testing, demonstration, and learning with a typical return on investment of more than 1,400%, providing more resources to invest in innovation and market acceleration.

Price-performance advantage

As an technology solution provider, you need predictable costs to plan your budgets and run your business. Running workloads in the cloud can make it extremely difficult to accurately forecast cost over time—but not with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

OCI delivers higher performance and lower costs for virtually every enterprise software application, and is consistently less expensive than AWS for a wide range of popular cloud workloads. Oracle has simple rate structures that eliminate the cost surprises associated with hard-to-estimate usage elements such as data egress or storage performance. And with 29 public cloud regions across the globe, Oracle charges the same rates for all regions, so going global on Oracle Cloud doesn't increase the cost of service.

Go Faster

Want to go even faster and not only onboard your new hosted solution on OCI with two new customers but also get the word out quickly? Consider the ISV Accelerator as a pre-assembled package of focused, high-touch technical and go-to-market Enablers designed to get your solution up and running with customers within a year.

For your customers

Every great solution needs customers and we have a few tools to help connect you with your future customers and get visibility for your solution.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

With your production-ready solution, publish a listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace as our customers' one-stop shopping place of Oracle Cloud services to find validated solutions that solve their business needs. Become a publisher to showcase your solution on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, track activity and collect leads. If you have a solution that deploys directly into an end customer's OCI tenancy, choose from various deployment options that allows your customer to deploy directly from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Don't want to hassle with the billing, choose a Paid Listing and let Oracle do the billing for you.

Oracle Partner Finder Publish a profile about your company and include one or more Solution Profiles that provides your customers with more detail on your solution. If you're concerned about maintaining both Solution Profiles in Oracle Partner Finder AND listings in Oracle Cloud Marketplace, we have you covered. Your published listings in Oracle Cloud Marketplace will automatically be visible as Solution Profiles in Oracle Partner Finder so you have a single place in Oracle Cloud Marketplace to manage all of your solution information.

Platform resources
Oracle Integration Platform

Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS, a streamlined version of Oracle Integration, gives you the features and benefits of Oracle Integration with a focus on SaaS to you get up and running with fewer integration complexities.

Oracle SaaS Migration Playbook for ISV's

If you run your own data center and hosted environment, moving to the cloud is a major shift. While cloud offers enhanced resilience, scale, and scope of infrastructure services, completing this journey requires you to re-examine and adapt technology, organizational structure, and business practices. This impacts a wide matrix of variables from long-term product roadmaps to planned technology investments.

Support Rewards

If you are using licensed Oracle Technology products as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for your customers or as part of your business, lower your total operating costs by leveraging the power of Support Rewards earned from your consumption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offset your license Technical Support costs.

Developer resources
Oracle Architecture Center

Easily deploy ISV solutions in your tenancy with these vetted cross-product architectures that provide deployment automation and design recommendations for specific use cases.

Plug-ins and DevOps Integrations

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides additional developer tools for automating processes and facilitating development.

GitHub Quick Start Repository

The OCI Quick Start is a collection of examples to quick-start deployment of advanced infrastructure on OCI for your solution.

Tight integration with Monitoring

Send messages from Monitoring and Events Service to email, Slack, PagerDuty, and HTTPs endpoints.

Publicly Available API's

Expand the visibility of your solution while leaving the complexity to Oracle. Integrate with Oracle SaaS applications and automate your “infrastructure as code” using publicly available API's.

Resources and Tools to Differentiate and Grow Your Businesss

Expertise logos & badges
Expertise logos & badges

Join an elite group of partners that stands out from the rest!  Partners that achieve Oracle Expertise are perceived by the market as elite Oracle solution providers. Expertise allows partners to demonstrate and showcase their skills around focused products and services, earn incremental access to go-to-market Benefits, and differentiate themselves as a cut above the competition.

Customers are looking for partners with the specific skills and experience they need to succeed.  Whether you're building on, selling, or implementing Oracle technology, attaining an Expertise gives your customers proof of confidence in your solution, demonstrated customer success and continued commitment.

Further differentiate your solution in the market and accelerate your go-to-market efforts by achieving an a “Powered by” or “Integrated with” Expertise for your validated solution. Unlock the benefits of Expertise and use your Build Expertise logos and product badges to highlight this achievement in Oracle Partner Finder and Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Marketing tools

The Oracle Digital Marketing Center is a next-generation platform that makes modern marketing simple for the Partner Community. With a suite of tools, you can accelerate the adoption and use of an expansive range of digital marketing tactics providing a simple and cost-effective way to deliver high-impact digital marketing campaigns and content for your solution. These valuable co-branded and customizable marketing materials will help you automate, optimize and measure your marketing efforts - all while enhancing your go-to-market strategy!

  • Increase your digital footprint
  • Leverage ready-to-execute Oracle marketing campaigns and content
  • Enhance your go-to-market strategy, boost awareness and generate leads
  • Build your brand and expand your social presence
  • Access on-boarding and training tracks
  • Learning more with the Oracle Digital Marketing Center eBook

If you have a Marketing related question or need assistance with all of the marketing resources available, the Marketing Concierge Community Forum is always available and ready to assist.

Joint marketing
Guest Author on Oracle Blogs

Have your own story that you would like to tell? Submit your idea to be a guest author on an Oracle Blog and demonstrate your leadership in the market with your solution. With Expertise you are eligible to guest author on an Oracle Blog to publicize their achievements using their own unique voice, highlight differentiated value to mutual customers, and showcase their thought leadership.

Press Releases

Your solution is commercially available and it's time to get the word out. With Expertise or a listing a product on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, leverage press release templates to publicize their achievements with quotes from Oracle executives.

Customer Reference Nominations

Have customer successes that you would like to highlight? With at least one Expertise you can submit a Customer Reference Nomination for a joint promotion with Oracle to tell your innovation story. Chosen Customer References will be promoted in success stories on Oracle.com and via videos, podcasts, speaking opportunities, social platforms and more. Your company could be a star!

Partner Perspectives Podcasts

Partner Perspectives: Anatomy of a Customer Success podcast series tells customer stories from the partner perspective, giving an inside look at critical details about how individual projects are initiated and successfully deployed—a perfect complement to assets that focus on the story from your customer's point of view!

Oracle ecosystems
  • 430,000 customers in 175 countries
  • $70B in R&D since FY04
  • 8,000+ Oracle Cloud sales reps, architects, SCs and business development specialists
  • 20,000 partners across the globe
  • 19,000 implementation consultants
  • #1 Enterprise SaaS business
    50K+ customers worldwide
    90M daily users
    70B daily transactions

With over 430,000 customers in 175 countries Oracle is continually building upon a rich and innovative ecosystem of more than 20,000 partners and 133,000 employees across the globe. With this coverage and visibility of your solution through Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle Partner Finder, and other go-to-market resources there's tremendous opportunity to connect you and your solution with future customers.

With Expertise you can differentiate your solution further and leverage benefits such as the Digital Marketing Center to accelerate these connections and grow your business.

Expand, Explore, and Innovate into new markets
Increase Your Solution's Reach

You can leverage the skills transfer opportunities available through SaaS Cloud Learning Subscriptions as well as the various accreditation pathways available through the OPN Learning Center to target new markets for your solution.

Expand Your Business Model

Take your solution to market in different ways. Leverage your partner resources to get Expertise in other markets or business models as service delivery or as a reseller of Oracle products bundled with your solution.

Innovate with Your Solution

Stay ahead of the technology change curve. With Advanced Build Expertise using your solution, get access to early beta programs, and leverage new features in Oracle Cloud to deliver the successful outcomes that your customers are needing.

Learn more about OPN
Learn about OPN

Interested in learning more about the deeper technical and go-to-market enablement available through Oracle PartnerNetwork? This innovative, modern program aligns with Oracle's cloud-first strategy and is built around three core tenets:

These tenets are woven into our fabric for partners to:

Global Partner Perspectives

Explore more with partner perspectives, successes, and industry research.

See the value Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) brings to ISVs

Evaluate the benefits of moving to OCI Evaluate the benefits of moving to OCI

Customers are saving money with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Calculate your savings and learn how you can benefit from the economics of OCI.

Independent Software Vendor Success Guide Explore the guide to enabling ISV success

Learn why ISVs count on OCI to accelerate their strategic objectives and gain competitive advantage.

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