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Oracle Analytics supports the entire analytics workflow, offering a variety of ways to connect, prepare, and analyze data. Support business users by enabling self-service access to relevant data no matter where it resides in cloud infrastructure.

What is Oracle Analytics? (2:52)

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Adventist Health cut its budget timeline in half, reducing the planning cycle from 6 months to 3 months.
Professional services
Aon boosted performance 50 to 60X while lowering costs and saving 15 hours per week on data extraction.
Dropbox cut processing costs by 80% while accelerating time-to-market by 4X.
FedEx has achieved a 2X faster speed to market, with more than 3,000 employees using Oracle Analytics Cloud.
Lyft went from 30 separate systems to one, cross-functional solution, reducing time-to-close by 50%
Northwell Health was able to make better staffing decisions faster, allowing them to optimize patient care during a global pandemic.

Ready-to-use analytics services for a wide variety of workloads and data

Deploy and administer

The Oracle Analytics platform is available in the cloud with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), on-premises with Oracle Analytics Server (OAS), or in a hybrid deployment using both.

  • Supported OS (OAS)
  • Cloud compute shapes
  • Login security
  • Roles and permissions
  • Data permissions
  • Runtime optimizations

Connect data

Oracle Analytics connects to many enterprise data sources, including third-party. Connected data sources can be cloud, on-premises, or self-service datasets.

  • Native connectors
  • Personal and third-party datasets
  • Hybrid data connectivity

Data model

Develop and deliver enterprise-class governed semantic models to ensure a consistent view of business-critical data.

  • Semantic model (RPD)
  • Knowledge sets (custom and built in)
  • Multi-table datasets

Prepare and enrich

Whether importing data from files or connecting to existing sources, accelerate the last mile of data preparation.

  • Data quality insights
  • Dataflows
  • Regular expressions
  • Custom calculations
  • Machine learning

Visualize data

Ensure that business users access up-to-date, certified reports from verified datasources that leverage approved metrics, calculations, and KPIs.

  • Centralized reports and dashboards
  • Self-service data visualization
  • Pixel-perfect high-volume reporting
  • Conditional formatting
  • Natural language (query and narration)
  • Explain
  • One-click advanced analytics


Oracle Analytics can be launched directly from a browser on any device, embedded in internally or externally facing sites, or accessed via mobile.

  • Web browser
  • Mobile app and browser
  • Embedded

Consistent and transparent analytics pricing across cloud regions

Most economical
Most economical

Oracle Analytics Cloud Professional

starting from

$16/user per month or
$1.0753/OCPU per hour

Most flexible
Most powerful

Oracle Analytics Cloud Enterprise

starting from

$80/user per month or
$2.1506/OCPU per hour

Bring your own license (BYOL)
Oracle Analytics Cloud BYOL
starting from

$0.3226/ OCPU per hour

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