Practice makes good partnership: Oracle@Oracle program for ISVs

Benefit from our migration experience

A move to the cloud is a major shift, especially for ISVs who run their own data center and hosted environment. Fortunately, Oracle has already made the journey ourselves. Whether you're making the move from on-premises to cloud (or from one cloud provider to another), we have a wealth of best practices, lessons learned, and results to share that have transformed—and continue to transform—our business.

The Oracle@Oracle program is our way to share that story. It encompasses our experience migrating more than 60 SaaS-based applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). These applications support core enterprise functions across eight industry verticals and more than 199,000 customers across the globe. Our customer experience has shown us that many of the challenges our own teams navigated—and the solutions we implemented as a result—are likely to be relevant and useful as a resource to you as you migrate to a cloud model.

Like many organizations, Oracle used an array of on-premises product architectures, customer delivery models, and platform components, all spread across a myriad of hosting and colocated data center environments. This slowed innovation, made upgrade and adoption cycles longer, and created unnecessary technological constraints. As part of the Oracle@Oracle transformation, we streamlined our infrastructure utilizing OCI and increased the pace at which we innovate, deliver solutions, and serve our customers.


The migration efforts for our business units worldwide have already delivered significant benefits in cost savings and efficiencies. These key results include

  • A reduction in third-party expense by moving from 28 to 10 software vendors, resulting in a 42% decrease in third-party license expenses
  • An 80% decrease in infrastructure CapEx expense
  • A quicker cycle time, including a 98% decrease in time to provision, 98.8% decrease in planned maintenance, and 97.5% decrease in time needed to deliver upgrades
  • A 64% decrease in infrastructure expense

Our results don’t stop there. The benefits of Oracle’s cloud migration, together with our business transformation initiatives leveraging Oracle Cloud Applications, span the entirety of our business.

  • Infrastructure: Achieved 99.99% availability across our portfolio of applications, with 30% cost savings and 2X to 10X performance improvements
  • Finance: Gained the ability to close books and report earnings in less than 10 days
  • Human resources: Reduced talent review cycle time by 70%
  • Supply chain: Reduced supply chain planning cycle from 1 week to 48 hours—a 71% improvement
  • CX: Reduced campaign lead time from 4 weeks to 5 days—an 82% improvement
  • Sustainability: Reused or recycled 99.4% of the decommissioned equipment collected at Oracle in FY19
Oracle@Oracle ISV playbook


See how ISVs can benefit from our own migration experience

Our SaaS Migration Playbook for ISVs provides best practice guidance and lessons learned through Oracle’s own story migrating more than 60 industry applications—that touch 190,000-plus customers—to OCI.

Get to know the top five challenges we faced along the way, the business-changing results of our transformation, and a reference architecture for getting started.

Partnering with ISVs

The Oracle@Oracle program provides the opportunity for ISV partners to hear directly from the Oracle executives responsible for migrating our NetSuite, Fusion, industry, and internal corporate applications to OCI. Through customized peer-to-peer engagements, you’ll learn the key challenges we faced and get insights and best practices for running SaaS applications on OCI.

ISV partners that migrate to OCI consistently tell us how partnering with Oracle has moved their business forward. They experience a lower TCO, higher performance, and a level of go-to-market engagement that they didn't expect. The Oracle@Oracle program for ISVs provides another high-level benefit as it gives them the opportunity to hear directly from the Oracle senior executives who have lived through our own migration to OCI.

David Hicks Vice President, Global ISV Ecosystem, Oracle

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