Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management—Datasheet

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Facilities and condition assessment capabilities

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management provides all the tools and processes required to perform this important task, including:

  • Facilities and systems inspections
  • Assessing deferred maintenance work and estimated deficiencies
  • Current replacement value and capital renewal costs
  • Support for Uniformat II costs modeling
  • Configurable FCA Manager sheets
  • Automatic calculation of each building systems facility condition index (FCI)

The ability to calculate the FCIs for each facility gives management professionals a way to objectively compare facility and/or building conditions. As a result, decision- makers gain visibility into building-renewal funding needs and comparisons.

Space Manager features

Users can employ this feature to:

  • Track space standard compliances and room availability
  • Compute occupancy rates
  • Provide visual representation of an entire facility broken down by floor or level to show how space is being used or assigned
  • See the square feet/meters of vacant space per floor, how much space is occupied by a single department on a given floor, and more.

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for managing your properties and facilities. Available as a cloud- based or on-premise solution, it provides automation and flexibility to handle customer-specific facilities management needs. These span service requests, preventive and corrective maintenance, inventory and inspections as well as facility condition assessments and space management.

Like other Primavera Unifier solutions for capital projects, our Facilities and Asset Management solution provides task reminders, notifications, document management and visualization, messaging, and various-level reporting.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is essential to the smooth operation of any facility, keeping interruptions, system failures, and safety incidents to a minimum. The many preventive maintenance features in Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management include best-in- class automated processes for: mobile-enabled service requests, dispatch and helpdesk processing, preventive and corrective work orders, preventive maintenance books and job plans. In addition, the solution encompasses meter readings; seasonal maintenance control; scheduled, meter-based and gauge-based maintenance; invoices and payments; material and parts inventory; material orders and receipts, moves, and adjustments; and more.

Stand Alone or Integrated

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management can be used stand alone or can be integrated to other enterprise maintenance management or asset management systems. The constantly changing state of information is managed through the Primavera Unifier workflow engine, which tracks all task assignments. Users can manage these elements through the product interface or via automated e-mails. Making things even easier, all maintenance work-related costs are rolled up to a central cost sheet normalized by a robust cost code structure. Here, users can drill down through facility management costs by each transaction for the entire facility or across the portfolio of facilities. All cost structures are easily configurable by an application administrator.

Primavera Unifier: Ultimate flexibility for project and asset lifecycle management

Facility Condition Assessment

Assessing facility condition is an important part of management and maintenance. This task includes inspecting, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the condition of the entire facility or each building system (for example, foundation, roof construction, exterior enclosure, elevators and lifts, plumbing, HVAC, and more). Such assessments are primarily used to support decision-makers in their annual budgeting and maintenance project planning.

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management screenshot
Figure 1: The Facilities and Asset Management solution provides the automation, flexibility, and power to handle customer-specific facilities management needs.

Space Management

Whether moving a single person or restacking entire buildings, Primavera Unifier helps not only strategic planning and tactical reassignment of space but also the move process itself, including all associated tasks, dates, and assignments. The Space Manager feature provides a flexible and configurable solution to create, classify, and organize building floors and spaces by types such as usable spaces, common spaces, vertical penetrations, gross exterior measured areas, and more. Each space type definition has a configurable set of attributes for capturing critical data including occupant’s name and department, measured and/or extracted space area, space type, and usage.

The solution supports the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) standards for calculating net leasable areas.

Lease Management

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management offers a comprehensive set of flexible and configurable lease management capabilities. In addition to supporting tenant and landlord lease types, the solution addresses lease payment terms, contacts, key dates, clauses, tenant improvement allowances, security deposits, and more. It also supports the automatic creation and routing of lease payments and invoicing and dynamic task assignments with notifications.

The solution also provides the ability to manage the lease lifecycle, from lease creation to lease amendments, and lease termination. And for lease billing, the solution provides the ability to track payments and invoices and facilitates the process of lease reconciliation for CAM and other payment types. It also includes the ability to gather the information required to track critical lease information for reporting against federal guidelines and regulations, including future obligation statements and deferred rent liabilities.

Full Lease Expenses and Payment Management

  • Track costs and expenses
  • Associate lease payments with designated costs codes
  • Allocate payments to different parties, departments, etc.
  • Track expenses and payments separately
  • Roll up to the facility’s cost worksheet

Transaction Management

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management supports a variety of common asset transaction types, including site selection and acquisition, dispositions, new lease initiation, subleasing and lease termination, and more. Flexible workflows are used to manage the scope, tasks, and deadlines associated with each transaction. As a result, users can route, review, and approve transactions, and track and manage every step of the transaction process. Transaction projects can be created for complex asset transactions such as new site selection and acquisition or disposition. Scope, schedules, costs, documents, and related due diligence processes, including candidate sites and site comparisons, can all be managed in these transaction projects.

Asset Portfolio Management

Whether your portfolio consists of a single site with multiple buildings or hundreds of sites all over the world with thousands of buildings and structures, you need a portfolio management solution that represents your current portfolio structure so that you can plan and manage its performance and total cost of ownership.

Portfolio Management Capabilities

The portfolio management capabilities provide a flexible solution for planning, organizing, managing, and tracking the performance of your portfolio against strategic business objectives. Organize your facilities, properties, and buildings by any hierarchy that supports your asset portfolio. Whether you organize your properties by geography or by any other hierarchy you always have access to dashboards, providing real-time portfolio data at any level.

Sustainability and Energy Management

This section covers activities related to the measurement and reduction of resource consumption (including energy and water) and waste production (including greenhouse gas emissions) within facilities. Common features that support sustainability and energy management include the ability to integrate with building management systems (BMS), sustainability performance metrics, energy benchmarking, carbon emissions tracking, and energy efficiency project analysis.

Single Integrated Facilities and Asset Life Cycle Management

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management lets you view, compare, and report on any information for a single property or across your entire asset portfolio—all in real time. It provides automation, flexibility, and the power to handle customer-specific asset management needs.

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management’s configurable capabilities allow organizations to set up the processes they need to record, track and manage multiple dimensions of sustainability, including enabling your organization to:

  • Customize energy reports and provide dashboard capabilities based on each customer’s needs and compliance requirements.
  • Determine LEED readiness through the LEED compliance checklist to determine which LEED level your facility may qualify for.
  • Calculate ROI of sustainability initiatives

Mobile Application

Primavera Unifier provides a mobile application that allows users to action and create new tasks whether the user is online or offline. The support for offline allows users on a job site or within a building with no connectivity to capture details on an FCA or the progress on a work order.

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