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Beaumont Hospital Benefits From Efficient,Transparent License Management


Working with Oracle License Management Services avoids the need for our small IT team to divert time to license management and helps us build a closer relationship with the vendor whose technology underpins some of our critical patient-facing systems.

— Mark O’Sullivan, Senior Database Administrator, Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital, one of Dublin’s major public hospitals and a large academic teaching hospital, has 820 beds and provides emergency and acute care services across 54 medical specialties to a community of 290,000 people. The hospital is a designated center for cancer and a regional treatment center for several other disciplines, including gastroenterology, neurology, and organ transplants.

Beaumont Hospital benefited from an Oracle License Management Services review to gain confirmation that it was correctly licensed for the Oracle Database 11i and Oracle WebLogic Server instances that support its epilepsy-monitoring unit and organ-transplant services. Prior to the engagement with Oracle License Management Services, the hospital was considering upgrading its database to Oracle Database 12c. Following discussions with Oracle LMS, Beaumont has begun evaluating the enhanced, built-in, workload resource management of Oracle Database 12c to help it meet the growing service-level expectations of patients and clinicians while reducing technology costs. Beaumont Hospital also benefited from the review by having a dedicated Oracle License Management Services consultant who was able to provide in-depth Oracle licensing knowledge and offer impartial, transparent advice on license management and Oracle licensing policies.

Beaumont Hospital had used Oracle WebLogic Server for more than 10 years and purchased the licenses when BEA Systems owned the product. The hospital used Oracle WebLogic Server to build and deploy applications used to aid the diagnosis of epilepsy and capture data on patient brain function during a seizure. The scalability and resilience of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database also made it the technology of choice for storing critical data on organs available for transplantation and making this data available to medical teams. Following a meeting to explain the approach that the License Management Services Team would take Beaumont's IT team was supplied with scripts to run on its three test environments and five production environments that were operating on two blades. Running the scripts was a straightforward process that took around one hour for each server and did not interfere with the team’s day-to-day activities. Oracle then analyzed the screen shots and files generated by the scripts. After the analysis, LMS confirmed that Beaumont Hospital was compliant.

Why Oracle

Beaumont Hospital was eager for the opportunity to have an expert evaluation of how it was using its Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database assets to ensure that it was meeting its license obligations. The hospital’s IT team also benefited from the engagement with Oracle License Management Services to gain greater insight into how upgrading to Oracle Database 12c could reduce downtime and increase staff productivity.

The Oracle License Management Services engagement enabled us to be sure that we are fully compliant while giving us the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about upgrading to Oracle Database 12c.

— Mark O’Sullivan, Senior Database Administrator, Beaumont Hospital

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Published:  Aug 01, 2014