Kersia aims to ensure a food-safe world using Oracle Cloud Applications

The food safety leader uses Oracle to unify processes across finance and supply chain to address food safety challenges in the farm and food industry.


Thanks to Oracle’s cloud solution, we can collect data from our farmers, food manufacturers, and restaurants and analyze it to provide the right solution to customers at the right time to keep food safe.

Sebastien BossardCEO, Kersia

Business challenges

A global leader in biosecurity and food safety, Kersia provides a bundle offer of services with innovative solutions, expertise, technologies, and digitization to prevent disease and contamination in both animals and humans at every stage of the food supply chain, from farm to fork. The company provides added-value solutions for farming (dairy hygiene, the pig and poultry segment, and animal feed) to a variety of industries including dairy, meat and vegetable processing, beverage, breweries, food service, water treatment, and healthcare. 

Within the last five years, Kersia achieved rapid growth through acquisitions, which brought in a variety of new systems across finance and supply chain operations. Eventually this growth began to cause issues with 30 separate business systems spread across the organization. 

This complex network of systems made it difficult to gather customer data, which is a major focus for the company because it is key to informing customers on how to prevent diseases, as well as food and water contamination. 

Kersia recognized the gap in its current ecosystem and determined that it needed to establish a unified solution that would ease data collection and analysis, improve continuity between finance and supply chain operations, and support the company’s goal of creating a food-safe world for everyone.

Oracle Cloud Applications will give us a unified system to help standardize and optimize all the processes we have internally.

Sebastien BossardCEO, Kersia

Why Kersia chose Oracle

When considering the options in the market, Kersia sought an end-to-end solution that would consolidate the labyrinth of on-premises systems and connect the finance side of the business with its supply chain operations. In the end, the company selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for a unified application suite. 

Kersia recognized the value in the interoperability of the two systems, which would work together to give a holistic view of performance while creating a foundation for standardized processes across departments. The ability to integrate workflows would be a huge plus not just for the company’s current requirements but for future growth through acquisitions, when it would need to integrate new teams.

The ability to gather and securely manage massive amounts of data was also important because Kersia would be able to make better recommendations to customers, ultimately leading to smarter decisions about food.

With Oracle, Kersia will gain a real-time view of economic performance and a global view of all supply chain operations.


After adopting Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM, the combined strength of the applications enhanced Kersia’s ability to create a food-safe world. With this consolidated environment, the company streamlined the collection of customer data through various Internet of Things sensors, making it easier to prevent and anticipate any contamination along the food supply chain. In the dairy industry, for example, Kersia can detect problems in dairy cows five days before a disease appears, giving farmers time to find the right product to treat issues before they arise.

After the recent avian influenza outbreak, Kersia was also better equipped to support poultry farms with rapid delivery of products, services, and feedback through the company’s comprehensive disease avoidance program.

By connecting finance with supply chain, the company gained a real-time view of economic performance and a global view of all supply chain operations. This dual benefit provided more room for automating workflows across departments, resulting in greater efficiency for the business. It also enabled Kersia to standardize processes globally because every team works in the same system to improve the speed and deployment of new international projects.

The company also made smarter decisions with manufacturing resource planning. By moving away from multiple different systems and into a centralized environment, production increased, costs decreased, and customer relationships grew stronger. With improved visibility into the manufacturing process, Kersia provided a better experience for customers with benefits such as more precise delivery dates. Thanks to Oracle Cloud SCM, sales also increased along with customer retention rates.

The consolidation of numerous ERP systems into a single source of truth in Oracle Cloud ERP enhanced Kersia’s ability to track performance in real time and pull data from across the business. This made it easier to plan for the future of the company, not just financially, but through a sustainability lens as well. Using Oracle Cloud ERP, the company generated specific KPIs and took advantage of that capability by tracking environmental performance indicators in its profit and loss statement. This offered more insight into the company’s progress toward financial and environmental goals.

Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Cloud ERP revolutionized Kersia’s business, allowing for faster and more powerful data collection, analysis, and decision-making. This enabled the company to transition to a business-as-a-service model so customers can always get products replenished before they run out, gain proactive feedback on how to avoid contamination, and ultimately, promote food safety and contribute to feeding a growing global population.


Oracle Consulting was influential in Kersia’s implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM. From building integrations to taking advantage of the different functionalities in each module, Kersia valued the continued support of the Oracle Consulting team.

Published:June 8, 2023

About the customer

Based in France, Kersia is a global leader in food safety, operating in more than 120 countries to provide value-added solutions that prevent animal and human contamination at all stages of the food chain. The group also offers differentiated niche solutions to the human health sector.