Lighthouse Info Systems lowers costs for its customers by 15% with OCI

The ERP system provider’s customers experience higher availability and improved security compared to AWS, Azure, and Netmagic cloud platforms.


Business challenges

Lighthouse Info Systems was founded in 1987 to provide ERP systems for vertical markets within the manufacturing and distribution industries. Based in India, the company supports over 1,000 customers in more than 15 countries with enterprise solutions for financial, supply chain, materials, customer, and human resources management.

Lighthouse Info’s ERP can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Over the years, customers have used AWS, Azure, and Netmagic to host the company’s solutions. Lighthouse Info’s support team learned that customers were experiencing performance issues with these providers for both application and database workloads. Cloud costs for these customers were also inconsistent, with spikes in billing during peak times of usage.

To address these challenges, Lighthouse Info sought a cloud provider that could give customers higher levels of application and database performance with a more consistent pricing structure. Additionally, it wanted to give on-premises customers an automated backup solution to replace manual processes.

Lighthouse Info uses OCI’s flexible compute shapes to optimize performance and minimize cost for new cloud customers.

Why Lighthouse Info Systems chose Oracle

Lighthouse Info realized that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was a higher performing and lower cost option for its customers who choose to host their ERP solutions in a cloud deployment model. Not only would OCI scale up and down to customer workloads, which vary seasonally and at different times during their fiscal years, but it would also deliver the highest levels of availability—essential for Lighthouse Info’s customers. The company recognized that OCI's pricing model and infrastructure would optimize costs and achieve savings compared to on-premises deployments or offerings from other cloud providers.

OCI delivers a 15% to 20% performance improvement compared to what Lighthouse Info’s customers realized with other leading cloud providers.


Today, Lighthouse Info onboards customers on OCI when they opt to run the company’s ERP solution in the cloud. Data is stored in Oracle Enterprise Database Service. OCI’s flexible compute shapes allow staff to customize the number of Oracle CPUs and the amount of memory when launching or resizing virtual machines, which makes setting up new customers faster and easier. Existing and new customers who choose on-premises deployment can set up disaster recovery on OCI.

Lighthouse Info’s cloud customers experience 15% lower costs than on other cloud platforms, along with a 15% to 20% performance improvement. They also enjoy cloud native security tools such as Oracle Cloud Guard, which helps them monitor, identify, and maintain a strong security posture. After moving to OCI, customers experienced less dependence on limited local IT third-party services, especially in smaller cities. Lighthouse Info’s internal staff experienced more than a 5% improvement in efficiently, employing API-driven solutions to help seamlessly integrate third-party solutions to the main solution architecture on OCI. With OCI, Lighthouse Info offered cloud hosting without worrying about performance and cost problems that could harm its reputation.

Published:September 29, 2023

About the customer

Lighthouse info systems is an ERP development company in India that specializes in nurturing and amplifying the organizational culture that makes its customers stand out from the competition.