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Oracle Customer Success

TTX modernizes business processes with Oracle Cloud


A key connection in North America’s railroads, TTX hauls all of its back-office business processes onto Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

Business challenges

Founded in 1955, TTX Company is a railcar pooling company that owns and manages more than 200,000 flatcars, auto carriers, boxcars, and open-top railcars. TTX is a private company owned by North America’s leading railroads, many of which are public—so the company’s focus is not on maximizing profits, but rather saving money for the industry as a whole.

TTX’s back office was running on an on-premises SAP ERP system, custom code, and software as a service for a number of different functions. The combination made it hard to adapt to change and incorporate new technologies. The company decided it needed to move from this patchwork of systems to one that was mobile, modern, well-supported, and on a single platform.

The Oracle Cloud solution proved to be the most complete and modern suite of enterprise applications on a common platform, allowing us to concentrate on our business and not on the technology that supports it.

Bruce Schinelli


Why TTX chose Oracle

TTX used a very thorough scoring criteria to evaluate numerous solutions for its business processes, including Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, and HCM. Oracle Cloud proved to be the best suite of enterprise applications on a single platform, which would enable the company to focus on the business rather than the technology that supports it.


The cloud has helped break down silos within TTX; the team now sees business processes from end to end—which wasn’t possible with their previous systems.

The cadence and ease of quarterly updates has proven immensely valuable. The company can fully adopt and utilize the newest and latest technology Oracle delivers and, as the technology evolves, so does TTX. This enables them to tap new innovations that can  provide savings and benefits for their owners.

On the HR front, TTX manually juggled multiple systems to execute processes and store data, which limited the company in its reporting and analytics capabilities. Now using Oracle Cloud HCM, TTX can better manage its business processes, including recruitment and hiring, while speeding up its strategic decision-making. Using the system’s workforce management capabilities, TTX reduced annual systems maintenance, gained centralized absence management for both corporate and field workers, and eliminated cumbersome wage calculations.

The company further improved reporting and decision-making. Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse reduced the manual effort to integrate on-premises data with the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications data and enhanced security.


TTX chose implementation partner Cognizant to ensure a seamless transition.

Moving business processes like ERP, SCM, and HCM to the cloud, where you’re going to get constant updates and improvements, ensures a constantly improving business process. And really, most importantly, it’s safe and secure.

Vicki Dudley

CFO and Treasurer, TTX

Published: 30 September 2021